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  • Jie said:
    Good updates Maxim.
    i agree with u abt Alexandria-i do...  more
  • Good updates Maxim.
    i agree with u abt Alexandria-i dont really ...  more
  • Thanks for the update
  • Hi everybody,
    from my own experiences I know that sex contacts i...  more
  • Hi Everyone
    Well my next visits to Egypt were not really much to...  more

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  • December 14, 2016
    Posted by hairyass
    anybody know if i travel to cairo and stay in 5 star hotel can my egyptian boyfriend can come to hotel and visit me and maybe sleep in my room  appriciate the answer or if i get airbnb apartments can i tust apaetment owner thanks
  • November 24, 2016
    Posted by Sasha48
    it was six months ago), I was resting in the company of friends and met a Turk called him Ishmael he was 42 years old and he was a builder) they built we commissioned factory area) already deep his night left me to sleep) I went to spt when he felt like someone crawled into my kravat under the blank...
  • November 20, 2016
    Posted by Bumlover
    Hey there. I was In Egypt a few months ago. Touriisme was down. In Aswan almost no turists. The gay sex for cash had almost stoped because no turists. All the hustlers had gone to Luxor. In Luxor Lots OFF ofres to taste "egyptian banana. go to Banana Island" AS the situation is now. My advice is...
  • I urgently need to be reached on the day of the birth of another in another area of the city, but it was already dark .I called a taxi but its all nebylo and I went to the street to catch a ride)I stood for a long time and was quite cold as it was already winter when suddenly next to me stopped car)...


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