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  • But why do you give money? This only encourages the expectation....  more
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    I will be staying at the ...  more

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  • In my Grindr profile I have a text that I am looking for a relationship and till than I am ready to play. And sometimes, when I am in my favorite arab country, which I will not name here, I play a lot more than in my homebase. Also writte in my profile: More in individualism than in mainstream. But ...
  • April 11
    Posted by Taddyxx
    Of course I like spring and summer time more in my second home country. When the guys start to wear short trousers and shirts. The heavy winter stuff stay at home in the cubboard for the next winter. Maybe the problem of summer is, that the stinky feet rate is higher. Maybe it happened to me more of...
  • Maybe its typical that you keep the bad memories of a trip closer in mind than the good ones. In my case its like that, that the bad ones are super near and I have to think some seconds longer to get the rest of the trip. But maybe its really normal. Cairo at the end of 2012 was like that. I kept t...
  • March 31
    Posted by Taddyxx
    It seems so that everyone gets what he needs when he lives or travel to "his" arab place. I like to watch people and their behave, to see their needs, to watch them how they try to fullfill their dreams. There is a guy which I know. He is from Europe, I dont wanna tell from which country, it should ...

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