Rest in Gagra (Abkhazia)

  • I'll tell you the story as I have a couple of years ago rested in Abkhazia in the resort town of Gagra) I went there for a vacation, I had 2 weeks off), first there was nothing Intersnyh about a week I went admired Mesnil customs and recreation))) in the second week I was boring and I decided to go to the beach at night in search of adventure)I walked along the beach, and sometimes went to drink beer in the coming summer coffee and bars) By about 3 nights a little drunk, and sat down to rest at the water's) Black Sea is very nice at night) after 15 minutes I was approached by two impurity boys 30 years and asked how I business and how my vacation ?? I was told that I had come for a week and one walk and rest)), it was interesting and we are laughing and talking all kinds of nonsense Durg friend)after a while one of the guys went home and we were alone on the beach late at night), we take a closer look, and he said that his muddied Mahmud he Azerbaijanis) was daavolno sports guy probably wrestled or martial arts)) he offered to go to him to drink beer I agreed)he had his own room) we had a nice talked on various topics when he asked me -you when any lists you have been with a man ?? I said that yes) then he asked about my position in bed and I said that the passive), he said that he likes me and he wants me)) I agree) we kissed and hugged passing undressing), then he asked to fondle his penis and took off his pants), I saw a very big dick 20-22 cm and surprise -vau)He lay on the bed, I, I gently sucked his big dick gently moaning) then I felt him gently stroking my ass)) I have dizzy) Then he began to massage his index finger my anus Ia groaned with pleasure) after 5 minutes he begged me turn to him the ass I dutifully obeyed) he moistened his penis and my anus abundant saliva and entered me)) at first I cried from the fact that it was the largest penis size that I have ever tried, but then I started to get a lasting pleasure from this))) I groaned at the same time-it was a real pleasure from humiliation and pleasure)))we fucked all night and all day I have a position and a place for this from the bath to the balcony), this was an unforgettable sex) on the second day came to his friend Rahim and join us)he was also an athlete is very hairy and brutal man) we had sex in Troy almost 4 days leaving only for a drink and a meal) I very well otdahnulv their city)) later, they took me by car to the train station and carried the train to the house), we do not began to exchange nomermi as ak it nicks not need)) is such a story was for me)