turkish sex

  • it was six months ago), I was resting in the company of friends and met a Turk called him Ishmael he was 42 years old and he was a builder) they built we commissioned factory area) already deep his night left me to sleep) I went to spt when he felt like someone crawled into my kravat under the blanket and hugged me) it was Ishmael) he said that I had very handsome man, and he would like me to be his Habibi)I said that although I still have never slept with a Turkish guy) he rasmeyalsya and said that it will be very interesting and I am very pleased) and then he began to hug me and very gently kiss you first neck and her lips) I groaned my swollen cock and I was very excited)after half an hour already relaxed, and allowed him to caress my fingers hand hole and he picked up his penis)Then he asked me to take off her panties), and I did it like a stripper's buttocks wiggling my priests) he really liked and he wanted to blow) I Legua his penis and began to suck), and the resilient member was not too big but beautiful as in the pictures in porn)5 minutes later he richly finished in my mouth and offered to have sex but 10 minutes) it is needed was rest a little) in 10 minutes, he told me his slave bend in the posture of the dog okuratno came into my hole) oooo oh how floor was nice I moaned) my head is spinning, and I laid it on the pillow began to take pleasure in our process)Ishmael fucked me for a long time we did not rush in both moaning and fucked so tender that I did not notice the finish) he fucked me slowly that it quickly) both finished)then a couple of times more, we fucked that night and almost did not sleep) early in the morning my ass sick although I wanted more and more of his dick) oh how did he bite fucked my ass) in the morning after breakfast, I told him sucked away again and he went on work and I stayed home satisfied and with nice thoughts) this guy a couple of times came to visit me and we are more and more getting trahaliss him satisfaction and pleasure) Ismail my dear man if you read this knowledge um, I'm still your Habibi)