Gaylife somewhere

  • Of course, if I am somewhere I wish to be safe, happy, like a young man, thinking to "now" and not "what can be". I was warned from some friends, if I go out and take someone from the street I should take care. So I took care when I spoke to him, after we met several times with your eyecontact. I dont speak his language, he doesnt speak mine. But it was super clear what we want. So I took him with me in my apartment. He went behind me to be discrete. Stopped when the guy from the fitness club was watching him. But a bit later he followed me in the house where I had my apartment. 

    He looked around and was super curious. I was super warned because of his behave. He put down his trouser, took the sweatshirt on the chair beside the bed and I had the first view on his xl dick. His body was slim and muscular. He was between 18 and 19 and enjoyed that I looked at him. Sure he wanted to get a blowjob. Typical he never wanted to touch my erected dick. He is one of them which want sex but they are not at least bisexual. He wanted to fuck me. This was a problem, I am versatile, but not a power bottom and his dick was really big. I took some moment till I had him inside. It was not really a pleasure but a great experience to solve this big problem. lol

    He wasnt used to use a preservative and wanted to put it away to fuck without. I did not let him doing it and finished him by hand. A super sexy body, slim, muscles, big dick, nice and sexy balls, hairy legs. He was clean.

    Of course he wanted to have a small tipp. After he was gone I wanted to take my iPad. It was in the kitchen, open, because I did not expact to bring someone home. I observed him strictly and I dont know how he has managed it. But my iPad was stolen. I tried to catch him on the street but from my house there are 3 oportunities to leave and another 7 oportunities to go further. Of course I did not catch him anymore. 

    The iPad wasnt that problem, but all my pics which i did not safed somewhere. A lot I got back from my ex boyfriend. But I remember more the sexy body than the bad experience. I was stupid enough not to think about it that I have this golden nugget in the kitchen. lol  One experience more. 



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  • Traveller
    Traveller Morocco experience?
    March 29, 2015
  • Taddyxx
    Taddyxx no was not Marocco :-) can happen everywhere actually... :-)
    April 2, 2015