Life is so easy

  • Sometimes its really fantastic to be with young and easy dreamer. Guys which are not demaged from life and like to do daydreams. Everything is clear, wonderful, romantic, sexy.

    I met a young guy, he was 18, we found each other on an app. Both of us where looking for a solid relationship. How it is, we met and undressed each other and went to bed to feel our bodies. He was super cute. Slim, muscles, longer dick, not to fat, huge balls. He looked like a boysexmachine. I will never forget his endless smilling. He was always happy. He told me in our chat, that he likes to be active. That was ok for me. But in our meeting and talk he told me that this is a mistake, he means active bottom. lol  Even this was not a problem for me. I am versatile. And I loved his ass. Super cute and sexy. I told him that I have to come before otherwise I could not fuck him for longer. So we played around and he let me come the first time. His body was made from a wonderful artist. I would like to pack him in my suitcase to bring him home to my country. Reading every wish from his lips. For a while at least. lol

    After I came the first time I took a preservative and fucked him in a lot of positions. We fucked around 20 minutes. He was a engaged bottom and liked it a lot. After a while I was laying on the bed, he was sitting on me and fucked, I masturbated his dick till he came. His juice run out on my chest and it was really a lot. He enjoyed it so much.

    I told him that I want to come a second time. He masturbated my cock during I asked him to come with his boyass to my face. I liked his hole - it was open from fucking and super soft. I could penetrate him again with my long tongue. It was sooo delicious. I felt like in heaven. This sexy body is ready to be eaten.

    After a while I came and he had to go home.

    We where connected in Viber. He told me how moch he loves me and spoke about me as his husband. I went back to my country without having seen him a second time. But next time we met again and had again great sex with some love. He was happy to see me. He was full of fantasie. Full of feelings, full of everything. Next 4 days I did not hear anything from him and did not contact him, because I though it was a short and temporary love. lol Later I told him, that I met someone else and he was like shocked. Which I could not understand. It was a short shock. for 2 seconds maybe. He wanted to stay as friends. And than we never heard something from each other. But I would have the possibility to contact him again to tell him that I am single again, waiting for him. He would come to create a new "love". Life is so easy and funny if we let it be like this. - If we want. But I prefer more deepgoing, something for the future not for the moment. But he was super cute. :-)