Like in heaven

  • It seems so that everyone gets what he needs when he lives or travel to "his" arab place. I like to watch people and their behave, to see their needs, to watch them how they try to fullfill their dreams. There is a guy which I know. He is from Europe, I dont wanna tell from which country, it should not be that clear. He is over 50 and has a really hungry ass and mouth. He is happy to suck off dayli someone or to get filled his ass. Of course he is a super size queen and if he talks to me about guys his second information is, how big or small the dick is or was. At the begin of our contact he tried to connect me to some of his guys. 

    "You can suck him off and pay him a small abount for it."

    I asked him why I should pay him when I suck him off? He had a completely other view of his system and I dont wanted to fit in it. Generally he was paying most of his guys. Its cheap in that country but I am more in socialising in "normal contacts" not in supermarket life, like paying and consuming or consuming and paying. He is more the fastfood guy, stop and go. Without loosing time, even he would have enough of it. 

    A friend of him, he is already 70, he is the same. Always wondered that I have not to pay my contacts. Because he pays every day, because he is every day on the hunt for guys. He is not in the internet, he hunt on the street. But he told me its getting not easier because of internet. But he is successfull and he told me that he let him fuck without preservatives. I would be afraid, but maybe with 70 the view is another one, I dont know it. He is shameless in contacting younger guys. I spent with him some time and we walked together, but its a pure outing if you are with him. I tried to avoid it in the future to be with him, because I am against an outing in a country where its forbidden. 

    Another friend of that contact, all are from the same country in Europe. He is a specialist for taxi driver. He likes to watch out younger taxi driver around 22.00 o`clock and ask them to show him the city by night. And after a talk and ride everything is clear. In the meantime he has a lot of telephone numbers of willing taxi drivers. But he told me that its stressfull with them because they have not a lot of time because of the taxi meter... its running during they are in his apartment for their "service".

    In the meantime I thought that all guys from that countries are bitches, not willing to have a relationship because of the big buffet every day. One of them, again the same country. He was middle 40 and he was engaged with a 24 years old guy. The guy was jealous because his boyfriend cheated him. This relationship ended with a tragedy. The young guy killed his boyfriend because of his jealousy. The mentioned crowd was completely hysteric after. I told them that he must love him really very much otherwise he would not go into the jail for him. But it was only me who found it funny. They where really afraid that it could happen to them. The taxi driver specialist avoids to have sharp knifes at home. I tried to prepare a salat in his home one time with a butter knife... it worked. I told him to buy a knife but to hide it, if he is afraid. So I will see next time if he has solved this problem. 

    It seems to be like in heaven for this guys but with a lot of risks, too. But the risks are more in their promiscuity I guess.