The bad memories cover the good ones

  • Maybe its typical that you keep the bad memories of a trip closer in mind than the good ones. In my case its like that, that the bad ones are super near and I have to think some seconds longer to get the rest of the trip. But maybe its really normal.

    Cairo at the end of 2012 was like that. I kept the noise, the horrible apartment. But when I am thinking more than I have some guys in my mind and I fall in love again. Nearly. My apartment was in Zamalek. The owner a woman from GB. But she was really horrible. I thought everything will be ok at least she is from GB. But she had not the internet in her apartment which I booked in airbnb, the floor was super dusty and I dont know what else was wrong. She always wanted to make me believe that this is normal for Cairo. But a good friend in this time he told me that it is everything but not normal for Cairo and he is from there. 

    She told me for example there is a guy as doorman. In my whole 9 days I couldnt see him. Because he was not existing. She told me he observe the house from the cafe nearby. She was super creative and though I will believe. A tricky lady.

    I met with some guys. Easy to get contacts by Romeo or Grindr. Specially one I will never forget, because he was tricky as well.

    We got each other by Planetromeo. He was super late and it would be better to leave and go home. But I thought I have time and no plan now. So I waited. He came and looked sweet. We went to my apartment and he asked to go to shower. Befor he got a phonecall and told me after it was his mother and he has to leave soon. So we went to shower and he got a hard one quickly and played with my dick. It was nocking at the door. I told him to ignore it because I do not expect a visit. He said I should take a moment to go there and have a look who is it. I heard my firstname asking from a guy and that he is from the police. I opended the door with my towel covered. The boy was afraid and said to me its police. The reality was, that this where his collegues and not really police. So 4 guys, older one entered the apartment. It was a super stressfull situation. No wonder that this moment covered the whole trip for now and the whole future.

    They couldnt speak english. So they called someone and this guy at the other end of the phoneline told me that it is not ok to be gay in Egypt. I have to pay them money than I can go out of this situation. He asked me for 10.000 Dollar. I heard a little child crying behind and it was clear for me that this was never a police, of course not. It was a gang specialised to rob foreigners with this method. Ok, I told him that I am not a millionaire, that I have not 10.000 Dollar with me... so he tried it with 5.000,-/1.000,- and so on. I offered him 500 Euro. It was ok for him. So I sent all the guys out of my apartment and they did what I told them. It was strange. Only one and I decided who, could stay inside, the boy had to go too. I went to my suitcase to take my money. I had 800 Euro in cash with me. than my next mistake happened and I went with the whole money to the guy. Counted 500,- on the table and told him that I need the rest for my trip. lol ... he accepted it and did not what I expected in that second, that he took all of the money. So he was a kind of gentleman robber. He said thank you and went out with the 500 Euro. 

    In the next days I felt very unsafe and went back to my homecountry earlier. This situation teached me a lot but I dont know if it would be possible to avoid it before. I dont think so. Later I heard that this gang is specialized for people from other arab countries.

    Everyone after this horrible happening told me his personal crime story and even to people from Cairo happened a lot at the street. They told me that it was more safe at Mubaraks time. 

    But as I told it before, there where some horny, good moments during this trip as well, which are very near if I push this bad moment beside. 

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  • Cleopatra
    Cleopatra Very common story. I know a few guys who play this game. In fact I'm 99.9% positive that if you showed their photos to me I would be able to tell you their names and phone numbers. It's an old trick they play with new visitors especially so if they are...  more
    April 3, 2015