Dreams come true

  • Of course I like spring and summer time more in my second home country. When the guys start to wear short trousers and shirts. The heavy winter stuff stay at home in the cubboard for the next winter. Maybe the problem of summer is, that the stinky feet rate is higher. Maybe it happened to me more often in an arab country, that the feet where smelly. Lol. Not a tragedy because I send the owner of them in the shower and after a while he is tasty fresh and nothing can hold me up to start the action. Maybe the shoes we have to give on the terrasse. lol I was surprised at the begin why some guys let their shoes and socks outside the salon. After a while it was absolutely clear. I would do the same. 

    I saw him at the street, at a crowded place in the center. He looked young, cute, with beautiful face. He looked at me, I smilled and we started to talk. Unluckily I could not speak his language and he did not speak mine. So I asked him only one word which I could speak in his language like  "apartment" and he agreed. He was 18 or 19, slim, as I said before, with a boyish and beautiful face. He wasn`t a guy with money, so no professional hustler or something like that, I could see it at his clothing. Actually I dont like hustlers and try to avoid them. They are to much professional for me.

    So we went home and smiled a lot without talking. He was in a good mood and a good guy, his vibes told me that immideately. 

    Entering the apartment we started to touch our bodies. He was already hot. My hands went under his shirt. He was ...  yes.... slim and muscular. I lifted his shirt, wow, nice 6-pack. He smiled proud when I touched it and tried to work it out a bit more. Some seconds later we where naked. He had a real anaconda between his legs. Looked like a third leg. Again he looked proud. I did not meassure his dick but looked like at least 23 cm but more slim not that fat thing. His body was really super delicious, little brown skin, short black hair, no hair on the chest, a lot of hair at his legs, how I like legs. And he was so super passionated. He sucked my dick and touched him. Some of the guys dont like it, they only want to have their pleassure but he thought about my dick pleassure too. And he never stopped to smile. He was in a really good mood.

    His balls where not that big. I have the theory that guys which masturbate a lot that their balls are bigger and if they masturbate nearly never, than their balls are smaller. But I never talked with a Dr. about it, so I dont know what would the sience think about.

    I think he had no sex for longer time. His cum was really a lot and white and stocky with a delicious smell. I loved it. After he came he was still in a good mood. There are guys which get bad mood after because of moral thinkings. lool He was still happy and hot. I loved him. 

    Today I would let me fuck of his anaconda. At least I would try it out. At this moment I was less versatile and like a holy virgin. I was more top than bottom. So I prayed to his giant dick but could not imagine to let me top from him. Its a pitty and would I still have his telephone number I would contact him to try it out. But I delete after a while contacts which I dont need and in the meantime I had a nice relationship, so no need for other contacts. 

    BUT, we met two times because he called me and wanted to meet me again. He was a real good dream and came true. I will never forget him.