Fullfilling wishes like a 3-some

  • In my Grindr profile I have a text that I am looking for a relationship and till than I am ready to play. And sometimes, when I am in my favorite arab country, which I will not name here, I play a lot more than in my homebase. Also writte in my profile: More in individualism than in mainstream. But this only as a side note. lool

    Some days ago I met Zak. He is a 24 years old guy. Skinny and small with a nice beard and haircut. He is only active, he doesnt suck your dick but he likes to lick your ass. I cannot understand the different behaves but it is like it is. Why someone cannot suck the dick if he can lick the ass is not on my horizont. lool But he likes to kiss and he likes to be a bit rough. So we met onetime and I enjoyed him a lot because his dick was not to big. I am not a power bottom, I am versatile, so I cannot take oversized dicks, even I train on it. So one time I sucked him off and one time he fucked me. With 24 its easy to come twice in short time. Good boy.

    So some days later he contacted me again and I invited him to re-play. His wish was to do a 3-some. His first one. I asked him with whom and after around 10 minutes I got at my viber a pic of a 27 years old guy. I asked him if its necessary I would prefer to do it with him alone. But it was his big wish. Ok... they came in my apartment and the oder guy was not my type, he had a belly, quiet shy, but all in all ok, at least a nice dick, short but strong. So Zak as I wrote is aktiv, his friend is versatile and me too versatile. We had a lot of fun.

    My first time that I was fucked from 2 guys in one session, one after the other. They where both super horny with real hard dicks. First time that I thought that it is not possible for me to let me fuck with a used condom, so Zak had to change it after his friend when he wanted to fuck me. I think this should be the real safety standard. I had never this situation before. 

    It was super horny to give Zaks friend a blowjob during he was fucked from him. It was not my first 3-some, my first one was in Paris with 19. But this one with Zak and his friend was really perfekt, ok, if his friend would be my type it would be more perfect. But what we did and how we did it was perfect. 

    Zaks friend let me fuck him but he could not take it long enough so I did not come till now. He went to the bath for refreshment and wanted to go till I tried to heat up Zak a second time and it was really easy. With a professional blowjob he was super fast hot and during his friend was gone I asked him if he likes to fuck me a second time. He was surprised and said "YEAH of course" I like his dick, he is a bit undersized and easy to take but enough to make me hot and to come by selfmasturbation quickly. It was an super hot hour, much longer wasnt it. lool I am only 5 days more here this stay and must meet him again, he is it worth to spend time with him and to present him my mouth and ass. lool