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Egyptian Nights Part 1

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    April 24, 2016 10:37 PM CEST

    Some years ago my friend Peter asked me if I would like to join him on a Nile Cruise.
    We both are in our fourties, Peter in the early and I in the late fourties, we both stand about 5’9’’ and are lean with 140 pounds. Both having blond hair people often take us for twins. We have been together on several vacations but sex never came up between the two of us. I said “OK” and Peter booked the trip. ‘cause Peter lives in Munich and me in Hamburg we had to fly to Egypt separately and meet on the Cruise Ship. Our cabins were located on the same floor but mine was at the very end of the aisle behind a door. There was a little floor with two cabins and a stairway up to the sun deck and down to the lower levels. (But this is a different story).
    After dinner the guide told us the details of our tour, where we would go and what there could be seen. For the next evening he announced a Nubian dance group as a high light of the whole tour.

    After a long day (we had to get up at 5 a.m.) in the hot sun and a lot of ruins I really wasn’t in the mood to see this dance group. But Peter said there might be some hot Nubian guys so we both went to see this group. There were three women in the middle of twenties, a lean young guy in his early twenty and a very tall muscled hunk in his early thirty. And he was really hot and had all eyes on him. He moved like a lion and when he jumped you could see his bulge which left no open questions. And he knew about his impact on the audience. He was eye fucking with nearly every single person! But after 20 minutes the show was over and the group was gone to their next show on another ship.
    So Peter and I decided to take a drink and go to bed early because we had to get up the next day already at 4.30 a.m.

    But I couldn’t find any sleep, so I got up for a nightly walk along the Corniche. When I left the ship I found a small park with a construction site in it. The park was brightly illuminated. Only the construction site was in shade. There was a little hut and an older guy to watch over the materials and tools. I thought this a good landmark to find back to the ship.

    Walking down the Corniche there was always a “Hello” and “Where are you from” from guys of any ages. But knowing that Egypt is not the most gay friendly place I was only in for a small talk and a quick good bye. After a while I sat down on a bench facing the Nile. A guy in jeans and shirt passed me by on his bicycle, turned after 100 meter came back and sat next to me. He was twenty something and had the typical look of a southern type: black curly hair, dark eyes, average hight and slender build. The usual “Hello. Where are you from….” followed. So I learned his name was Abdul. Than he asked: “What are you looking for?”

    “Nothing in particular.”

    “Do you like bananas?” he asked and put his right hand over his crotch.

    “I think every body like bananas” I replied with a smile.

    “Do you like big bananas?” Abdul started kneading his bulge which started to grow.

    “Yes, I like them big and tasty.”

    “There is a big banana.” he said and took my right hand and placed it on this bulge.

    I could feel his semi erect cock which wasn’t very long but very thick. He pressed his hand over mine and started kneading again. In this moment another guy wearing a galabea with short hair and a small moustache came in our direction and Abdul dropped my hand to the bench between us. When the guy came up he greeted Abdul and both started to talk Arabic. After a while Abdul said, that this is his friend Said who is on the way to his work. But he still has a little time and if I would mind to have two bananas. Which I really didn’t. So he asked if I had my own apartment. When I said that I am on a ship he looked disappointed and started to discuss this with Said. But when we couldn’t solve this problem they both left. There I was aroused and alone.

    Only minutes later another young man sat next to me. He stood around 6’ and was total black: black hair, black skin, black sweater, black pants and black shoes.

    “Hello”, he said, “I have seen you on the ship.”

    “On which ship?” I asked him a bit suspicious.
    He named my ship and said “I’ve been in the dance group.” So this could only be the young guy I really didn’t remember. “But you probably only would recognize my dance partner. Everybody only look at him. So I can look at the audience and that’s why I recognize you.”

    “That’s true. I have to apologize.”

    “That’s ok. So you are looking at men!” he said with a grin.

    I felt caught. “It looks like.”

    “And do you like to have fun with me?”

    Even when he was very lean he was very attractive. “But there is the problem of the place.” I answered. “Do you have your own place?”

    “No,” came his reply “I am living with my family. But if you don’t mind to give me just a blowjob I know a place.”

    After been heated up by the hot guy from the dance show and the feeling of the semi erect cock of Abdul I agreed. So we started for a short walk. After 500 meters we came to a little way between two buildings. Omar, this was his name as I learned on this short walk, looked around and slipped into this little way. It ended at the backside of the building to a little limber wall. It was that dark that I nearly couldn’t see him.
    But he could see me. He reached for me and pressed his lips on mine. After a long and juicy kiss he whispered “Suck my cock.”

    I went down on my knees and opened his trousers and pulled them down. In this dark with Omar’s dark skin I nearly couldn’t see anything so I had to fumble for his cock. It was still soft, not very thick but already some 5 inches long. I started to lick his balls and slowly moved to the head of his cock. When I reached it his cock was semi erect and pointed in a slightly curve down. I opened my mouth and took the head in. In my pants I felt my cock stiffening. My tongue played around his cockhead and my lips pressed his cock just behind it. I felt his cock grow in my mouth and getting harder. I went down on it inch by inch. Thanks to the curve of the cock I didn’t have to gag as the cock went down my throat. Omar started to moan. When I pulled back I tasted his first drop of pre-cum. Both of my hands were around his cock and still more than just the head was left. I started to run circles with my tongue from his piss slit outward until I reached the bulging and hot edge of Omar cock head. My tongue went down his cock till I reached his ball sack. Sucking his balls I started slowly to jerk the long shaft.
    Omar was constantly leaking pre-cum. Under his moans he pressed out “Suck me, please, suck me.”
    I let his balls go and went licking the running precum off his cock up to the head and slowly engulfed the throbbing meat. When I slowly lowered my mouth over his hot rod Omar started to moan a bit louder “Oh yes, oh yes, oohhh…..” I felt the long shaft easily go down my throat. Than I started my back and forth motions on thick throbbing cock. Slowly in the beginning but speeding up by the time. After 10 minutes of constantly sucking the hot tool Omar’s breathing was getting shorter, his whole body started to tense. He was ready to come.
    I put more pressure to my lips and after a few motions Omar erupted under suppressed moans. He squirted 5 loads of hot jizz directly down throat. I pulled back a little and got 3 more squirts on my tongue. The taste was fantastic, a bit salty and creamy but also sweet and fresh. I never had his taste before.
    After I licked his shrinking cock clean he pulled me up and gave me a hot and deep kiss.
    Than he pulled up his trousers and with a “Next time we meet I have to fuck you!” he left. Just than I noticed that I had a throbbing hard on in my pants. I would have liked to jerk off but suddenly thought the place might be not that safe. So I headed for the ship.