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Egyptian Nights Part 4

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    May 24, 2016 9:45 PM CEST

    After dinner Peter and I went to the sundeck for a short talk and watching nightly Egypt passing by while we were sitting in a double hammock.
    The night was warm and the sky full with stars. After some 30 minutes Peter went to bed and I remained to watch the stars and daydream.
    After some time I noticed that I wasn’t the only person on deck any longer, there was a man standing at the ship’s rail. When I looked closely I recognized a man in his early twenties. He had short brown hair and stood 6’4’’. He had a slim body and was in good shape even without going to the gym. As far as I knew he was French and travelled with his parents and his aunt. And he and his father were sharing a cabin.

    Obviously he was watching me. When our eyes made contact he smiled and came over. “May I join you?” he asked in German and without awaiting the answer he sat next to me.
    “I saw you watching the stars. It seemed you were very deep in thoughts,” he said looking into the sky.

    “To tell the truth, I wasn’t thinking anything. I was just watching the stars. Isn’t it a great view?”

    “That is true. But with the time the temperatures are going down even here in Egypt.
    You would start to be cold. “When he said this I noticed the warmth he radiated.

    “You’re right. I had to get me something to warm me. But in the moment I feel right warm and cosy.”

    “The same here,” he answered smiling. It could have been by the movement of the ship and the hammock or with intent but in this moment he slid a bit closer to me. Our shoulders and legs were touching.

    “Do you like watching the stars as well?” I asked him.

    “Definitely, I’m on the sundeck every night. But it’s not only the stars, I like watching all the nature. It is so multifarious, it is really amazing. But that is only half the truth. I’m sharing the cabin with my stepfather. And when he falls to sleep he is really snoring. It stops after a while. But in the beginning it is really loud.”

    There was a short cool wind and a shiver ran over my body. “You’re shivering, are you cold?” With this he spread his arm as to put it around my shoulder. “Just move a bit closer.” When I looked surprised he said “It’s ok. I am warm. So you don’t have to leave and we can talk a bit longer.” So I moved closer and rested my head on his arm embracing my shoulder. We sat/lay close to each other watching the stars in silence.
    After some minutes his fingers started to move up and down my arm. I didn’t say anything. Suddenly with a deep breath a shiver ran across his body.

    “Are you cold?” I asked and with another deep breath he said “No. Quite the contrary.” With this he bended his arm to move my body and head in his direction.
    When he also turned his face to me our lips met in a soft kiss. When his lips parted and his tongue softly pressed against my lips I opened them to let him in.
    He turned his whole body and embraced me in a bear-hug. I almost swallowed his tongue and felt his spit in my mouth. After some minutes of passionate French kissing he stopped to take breath. With a deep look into my eyes he said smiling “You would have lain there for ever, wouldn’t you?”

    “How should I have known…?” I answered with a soft kiss.

    “Yes, how should he have known?” came the answer in the dark voice of another man.

    Frightened I split out of the hug and turned around to see the shape of a man standing 10 meter away in the dark. When he came closer I recognized it was Halil, the waiter who served during the day at the sundeck. “You shouldn’t be kissing in the open in Egypt. Somebody might feel embarrassed about it. On the other hand somebody else could feel invited by seeing you”, he said with a smirk. “I think it would be better for you if you go to a cabin of yours.”

    “Sorry,” the French guy said to him, “we didn’t want to embarrass you.” He arose, turned to me, said “Lets go” and started in direction stairs. When I started to stand up the waiter offered me his hand to help me and said “Always at your service” and winked.

    When I reached the stairs the French guy put his arm around me and said “I think we have to take your cabin. In mine someone is already asleep.”

    When I shut the door Pierre, as I learned his name was, immediately started kissing me and some how we made our way to my bed. Our tongues were exploring each others mouth when we landed on top of it. After some minutes of hot kissing I went down his body, from his mouth over chin and throat by opening his shirt to his chest. His nipples were already hard. I first licked them and than started softly to bite. This let him take a sharp breath and than a deep moan. When I made my way further down he sucked in the air and held it till I reached his cock head which was peaking out of the waistband of his jeans. I softly licked his piss slit while I opened his jeans. When I pulled down the jeans I licked down the underside of his cock. It was a thick seven incher and at its end waited a sack with fitting balls.

    Sucking his balls I started slowly to jerk his tool. He seamed to enjoy this ‘cause he constantly let out soft moans. Then I slowly licked back to his cockhead. My tongue played around it cockhead and my lips pressed his cock just behind it. Then I went down on it inch by inch. Pierre was moaning. I started to move back and forth. When I pulled back I tasted his first drop of pre-cum. I pulled back and started to run circles with my tongue from his piss slit outward until I reached the bulging and hot edge of his cock head. Under his moans he pressed out “Suck me, please, suck me.”

    When I slowly lowered my mouth over his hot rod Pierre started to moan a bit louder “Oh yes, oh yes, oohhh…..” I again started my back and forth motions on thick throbbing cock. Slowly in the beginning but speeding up by the time. After some minutes of constantly sucking the hot tool Pierre’s breathing was getting shorter. He was ready to come.
    I put more pressure to my lips and after a few more motions Pierre shot his load with a loud “Oh God!” in my mouth. It was fresh and fruity when I swallowed it.

    He pulled me up and covered my mouth with a kiss to share the taste of his cum.

    “This was the best blowjob I ever got. But now I have to go. My stepfather for sure is wondering where I am. Thank you.” With this he pulled up his jeans, buttoned up his shirt and left quickly with a short “See you”.