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Egyptian Nights Part 5

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    June 2, 2016 8:38 PM CEST

    This was not what I had expected. More then just a bit disappointed I undressed. I always sleep naked and because of the warmth in the cabin I just laid on my tummy on top of the bed closed my eyes and with a last movement I dimmed the light. I must already have dozed off because suddenly I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. When I opened my eyes I saw a man kneeing next to my bed and saying with a soft voice. “ Don’t panic. It’s just me, Halil. We just walked by your cabin and saw that your cabin door was not closed. So we decided to see if every thing is all right. Or if you need help or want any thing.” While speaking he has started to caress my back and slowly went down to my ass. I was still half asleep and the soft touch put my mind at ease. When he started to caress my buttock a soft moan slipped of my lips. “You want me to stop?” he asked. This woke me up a bit more, I had to make a decision. At the same time I recognized that I was aroused a little. I shook my head no. By bringing his hands up to my shoulders Halil stood up and opened his trousers which dropped to his feet. When he also slipped down his boxers he showed his already rock hard cock. It wasn’t that fat but good 8 ½ inches long and pointed straight to my lipps.

    “I trust you can handle it. I love to get sucked. And take your time.” Halil whispered.

    I got myself into position to caress his low hanging balls while wrapping my hand around his cock and started slowly stroking. His balls were very large and I could only get one ball at a time in my mouth. He started to sigh and moan out with slight pleasure. Than I licked my way from his balls along his hot rod up to the bulging head. I started to run circles with my tongue from his piss slit outward until I reached the edge of his cock head. I wrapped my hot salivating mouth around his erect meat and sucked it deep into my throat. I heard an eager growl start deep in his gut as he pushed his hips forward to start a slow fucking motion.

    His hands started to move down to caress my ass. Than he took my head between his other hands and began to fuck my mouth harder. Something was wrong, I never met a men with four hands. I tried to pull my head back but he kept it in a strong grip. “Shhh, don’t panic. It’s just Abed, a friend of mine. As I said, WE passed by your door and We wanted to see if We can help you. He is a good guy and hot like hell. You will like it. Calm down and enjoy.” With this he kept fucking my head.

    The hands at my ass went from caressing to kneading, they spread my cheeks and I suddenly felt Abed’s tongue on my asshole. At first I was blown back but then it began feeling so good and I wanted more. He slipped a finger in, then two, and eventually three, until he was finger-fucking my ass for all it was worth! Than he pulled his fingers out and I felt the head of his cock on my ass hole. He spitted on his 9 inch cock and entered my ass in slow motion. He gripped my hips and started to move. And he knew what he did. When he started with long slow strokes he sped up with shorter ones. He rotated his hips and changed the angle of his in and out movements. And all the time Halil was fucking my mouth. This was like a dream, to be fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time by two hot men.

    After 15 minutes which seemed to be an hour Halil pulled his cock out of my mouth. Abed wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me into an upright position, sitting on his cock. Than he turned us around and sank on his back pulling me with him. Laying with my back on his tummy I thought “What is this?” But soon I should know.

    Halil was coming around and on the bed “Relax, you will like it as you liked it that far” he said. Kneeing before me and Abed his throbbing cock pointed to my already stuffed ass. He moved forward till I felt his cock and than he slowly pushed in. I thought it wouldn’t work. “Stop it, it doesn’t work. You will rip my ass.”

    “Relax, I know it will work. And I know you will enjoy it.” With this Halil pushed a bit harder and his cockhead slid in. My hole was stretched to its limits as Halil began pushing his cock into my ass. Slowly getting deeper and deeper. It hurt, but not that much as I expected. And as he got deeper into my ass I started moan as the tingling feeling settled in. But still I had to breathe a bit harder when he was in totally. I never felt filled that much. It was intense. Very soon the three of us started to moan when Halil slowly started to move. He started with short slow strokes which became longer and longer. Halil did all the fucking. Abed just stayed calm with his cock in my ass. Halil’s cock was fucking my ass and at the same time stroking the cock of Abed. He rotated his hips and changed the angle of his in and out movements and also between long and short strokes. Than the fucking movements became shorter and harder. At this moment Abed caught up with the movements of Halil. They fucked me in total synchronicity. That gave my prostate what it needed to make me cum without any touching of my cock. And with the spasms of my sphincter I sended Halil and Abed over the edge. The lost the rhythm and just hammered their cocks as fast and deep as possible into my ass. With loud moans they shot their cum deep in my ass.

    His cock deep in my ass, his eyes closed, Halil’s head sank to his chest. None of us made a move. After a time I realised that both cocks were still in my ass and they didn’t were limp they still were hard.

    Halil lifted his head with a smile. “Didn’t I say you will like it?”

    “It was….it was….wow! I never had an experience like this before.” I answered.

    “So you really like it?” Abed asked with a voice like dark velvet I now heard for the first time.

    “Oh yes, this was really hot!”

    “When you liked it that much you wouldn’t mind for a second time, would you?” Abed asked and twitched with his cock in my ass.

    “Oh no, I wouldn’t complain about it…..”

    And this second time was not the last time I could enjoy this two kind and hot men.