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Tunisian Teacher

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    October 30, 2014 6:26 PM CET

    As no one else has published stories I thought I  would start it off to encourege others. This is a true experience which I wrote about some time ago and it was published previously on the old  site.

    I have in fact met this man again several times.


    Tunisian Teacher

    I first met Adel in London. I was there on business and had visited Chariots sauna in the evening. He was in London attending a course and was experiencing a gay sauna for the first time. He was about 5’10” tall slim and muscular, his body was not very hairy but his legs were very hairy and his cock was straight and cut about 7 inches. We went to a cabin together and had an hour of uninhibited sex before relaxing together and chatting. We exchanged e mail addresses and I did not really expect to see him again as he was leaving for home the next day.

    Over the next few months we exchanged e mail messages and chatted on MSN then discussed meeting up either in Tunisia as he said he lived alone and could accommodate me or he could visit me in Scotland. I thought that this would be difficult as he would need a visa but I wrote a letter inviting him to visit me for two weeks that summer. To our surprise his visa was approved and I met him when he arrived at Edinburgh airport one evening.

    He approached me and kissed me on both cheeks then I led him to my car. We chatted as I drove to my home. It was a bright summer evening and he admired the Forth bridges as I drove over the road bridge. I had planned to take him out for a meal that evening but this was not to be.

    We arrived at my house and I said that I would show him to his room so that he could have a shower after his journey. As we climbed the stairs I felt him groping my ass. We entered my spare bedroom and he started kissing my face and cheeks then gently squeezing my nipples. As he pulled me towards him I felt his dick hard against my ass through our clothes. He started to undress me while also undressing and guided me towards the bed. We were naked now his hard cock rubbing between my legs as he bent me over the edge of the bed placing a pillow under me. He started to nibble at my ass, by this time I was squealing with pleasure and this seemed to excite him more. I felt his tongue inside my hole as he started to rim me, lubricating me with his spit. He pulled my legs wide apart and I felt the head of his cock pushing gently against my hole penetrating me slowly at first then harder and harder until it was inside. He stopped for a minute nibbling at my neck. ‘Is it hurting’ he asked I said it was but the pain went away and was replaced with pleasure as he started to fuck me. He fucked me for about 10 minutes, his breathing getting heavier and heavier until with a loud shout he ejaculated filling me with his cum biting deep in to my neck as he did so. He lay on top of me still deep inside for a few minutes breathing heavily. He got up and reached for some tissues and cleaned me then lay beside me holding me. ‘Did you enjoy it ‘he asked. I said that I did. ‘We will do it again soon’ he said as he lay holding me tight and kissing me with his tongue deep in my mouth.

    We lay together talking for a few minutes while he nibbled at my neck and shoulders. He turned me round in to a spooning position holding me tight and I could feel him getting hard, his dick tight against my ass. He started kissing my ears and playing with my nipples which made me whimper and this seemed to excite him. He opened my legs, spat on his hand and lubricated his hard cock before placing it between my legs so that it was rubbing my balls. We lay like that for a while as he nibbled at my body. ‘Do you like my cock, do you want it inside you’ he asked and before I could answer he turned me on my face , pulled me to my knees and put some pillows under my waist pulling my legs apart. He lubricated his cock again and spat in my hole rubbing his cock against it before pressing it hard against the entrance and nibbling at my neck as he penetrated me. It was painful at first but I relaxed after penetration was complete and it started to feel good. He started to fuck me again this time very hard biting my shoulders and making me groan with pleasure. ‘You like it’ he said playing with my nipples as he fucked me. His breathing got heavier as he penetrated me more deeply then I could feel his cum exploding inside me. He collapsed on top of me lying there for several minutes but this time did not move off me. He lay with his dick still inside and nibbled at my neck and ears.

    His Dick was still hard and he started to talk about sex, telling me that he wanted to fuck me again before he pulled out. He talked about what he would do to me treating me as his woman and as he talked I could feel his dick get harder again. He started to move slowly pushing deeper talking about how tight my ass was and how he loved to fuck it. He started to fuck me more quickly and I could feel him getting harder and harder. This time he did not cum quickly he continued to fuck me for about 45 minutes before cumming leaving me feeling quite sore. He pulled out of me and wiped me clean again then fell asleep holding me tight.

    When I woke up again it was almost midnight. He was awake and he guided my hand to his cock which was hard again. I stroked it which got him excited and he guided my head towards it. ‘Lick my balls, take them in your mouth’ he said. He started to groan as I did this. ‘Lick my cock’ he said and as I did this I could feel him get harder. ‘Suck it ‘he said and I started to do this he gripped my nipples using them to guide me to give him greatest pleasure.’ I want to cum in your mouth and I want you to drink my sperm, he said pushing my head down hard on his cock and fucking my mouth roughly. Suddenly he exploded in my mouth filling it with his cum and holding my head until I swallowed every drop. He pulled me towards him and held me tight and we fell asleep that way.

    I woke up again at about 4.30AM. He was holding me and was again hard but this time he did not do anything except get out of bed. ‘Do you have a towel he asked, I need to wash because it is time to pray. I gave him a towel and went back to bed. I could hear him in the shower and he went in to the spare bedroom. About an hour later he returned in bed beside me. ‘I need to fuck you he said lying beside me and kissing me. This time he pulled me to my knees lubricated me with his saliva and gave my ass a hard slap as he penetrated me quickly. He fucked me deep and hard cumming almost immediately. After he finished he fell asleep.

    He fucked me one last time when we woke up in the morning and we went out to explore the area. He stayed with me for a week and every night was the same. By the time he went home I was sore but very satisfied. Later in the year I visited him in Tunis and had an exciting week especially after he introduced me to some of his friends.


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    December 30, 2014 1:23 AM CET

    Great story, thanks.