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Marrakech swimming pool lifeguard

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    October 31, 2014 1:02 PM CET

    Marrakech, october 2014


    Bored of the bad weather of Paris, I booked a 2 weeks holiday in Marrakech. Off season, the hotel is almost empty and  I have the huge swimming pool all for me. Sun, diet coke, music, and employees of the hotel trying to pass the time.

    There is a guy watching the pool a few days (actually listening to music on his telephone and smoking). Around 25-30 y o, tall, well defined and pretty cute. I just look at him, while putting some suncream and reading. Offer him some cigarettes and go to the toilets by the swimming pool. He comes, looks around and goes away.


    Evening time. I'm charging my phone and bam, all the lights go out in my room. I go to the reception and they say they'll send someone to fix the electricity.

    After a few minutes, guess who's comming, dressed with a dirty green worksuit, to fix the problem? :)

    He looks at the electric stuff, I help him holding some of his instruments, and he fixes it. I offer him a beer and cigarettes, which he gladly accepts. I turn off the lights, and we go smoke on the balcony. I bring the discussion about marriage, sex, he's not married, neither do i, actually i'm a zamel and he laughs. I keep on getting up and bending for some stuff, so he can take a look at my ass.

    He doesn't do nothing, not even rubbing his crotch. After 30 min he thanks me for the beer and says he's leaving. I help him get his intruments and accidentally rub his crutch. He's looking at me so I'm starting to carress his crotch. "What are you doing?" asks me in french, looking down at my hand, but his hands in the air and zob getting harder. "Nothing", I say and i get on my knees. "Tu me donnes combien?", next question. "50dirhams" (5€). "Non...non" I manage to unzip him and take his cock out, I take it in my mouth and start to suck it deep and lick his balls. A nice, firm moroccan cock. "Pas comme ca - not like this', he says and drags me to the bed and asks me if i have diseases. I say I don't, and I grab a condom  . he puts it while I lover my pants. He lays on my back and starts to rub himself on my ass, while desperately caressing my chest. He pushes himself pretty hard agains my buttocks, and after a few minutes he forces deep in my asshole. He fucks my hairless tight ass like crazy (he said he has only sex with prostitutes, sometimes, because he's not married. Thank you, morrocan girls :))) It hurted a bit at the beginning but after I got used to his dick i pushed my ass on him and grabbed his buttocks to lead him deeper. He was kissing my neck and panting "will you help me for the visa?" LOL

    I felt a crack in my ass so really pushed him back to check if the condom was still intact, and the moment I pushed him out he came. A huge load sprayed my buttocks. I want to the bathroom to clean the mess (hopefully he didin't come inside me), and when i was back he was still hard. I wiped his cock with a towel and I sucked him for a few minutes, till he got softer.


    He went to wash his cock, packed up his electrician instruments, asked me again if I was clean, he sais he was too, gave him 50 dirhams and invited him for another drink sometimes...He said "ok, but dont't tell anyone", and he left.

    The next days I didn't see him, the evenings was doing my kahba in the square and parks so didn't get the occasion to get fucked by him again

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    March 18, 2015 4:10 PM CET

    You made me wich that I was the bitch of some great looking Arab man from Morocco, who lends me to his friends and cousins to be their slut bitch too. I love to be used by Arab men.

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    July 19, 2015 7:24 PM CEST

    But why do you give money? This only encourages the expectation.. especailly you are Maghrebian (?) there is no need for this...