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Saïd part 2

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    July 5, 2016 12:12 AM CEST

    It took about two weeks before I saw Said again. I hadn’t seen him for a while at the community centre, but two weeks after I had sucked him, he suddenly showed up at my house. It was early evening, when I opened the door and invited him in. I was surprised he came to me without warning me. I was not home every night. He said he was in the neighbourhood and was just seeing if I was at home. I made tea and made him sit on the couch. He said he had been busy and did not find time to come to the community centre. I told him I had missed him there, but that it was good to see him again.

    We drank our teas and talked about unimportant stuff. I had not forgotten what happened last time, it was sort of obvious he came to visit to have a blowjob again. At least that. Then he brought it up, and said he had liked what I had done to him last time, how much he had enjoyed it.

    It was a warm evening, whilst talking he touched and squeezed his dick from time to time, he was very horny. Finally he dared to asked if I wanted suck him again. I noticed the confinements of a hard-on in his pants.

    Maybe because of the heat, but surely from thinking about that last time, how much I liked his beautiful dick, I got excited. And exactly like last time, I bowed over his groin, massaged his dick through his pants, opened his pants and fly, and shoved his pants a bit lower, to reveal his rock hard dick. I started to drool and licked his dick, took his balls in my mouth and started sucking his dick. He sat there enjoying the blowjob and like last time, I was enjoying sucking him, I heard his breathing getting heavier and expected him to blow his wad soon. But this time, he held my head, and made me take my mouth of his dick. I was so eager to suck I was trying to get it into my mouth again, but Said slapped his hard dick against my lips, against my cheeks and was teasing me. Until he let me suck it again for a while up to the point he was going to climax, but again he took his dick out of my mouth and again slapped it against my cheeks. When his climax point had subdued, he let me suck it again. He was going to last the sucking for a good time, postponing his orgasm each time.

    But Said was not going to cum in my mouth. While he was slapping his hard dick against my cheeks again, for the third time, he whispering asked if I let myself getting fucked... in the ass...

    What an interruption of a good sucking, and getting excited by the idea of Said fucking me, I said yes, hesitatingly. After that he asked me to kneel on the floor in front of him, and to lower my pants, just under my buttocks. He wanted to see my white round buttocks, and asked me to spread my ass cheeks so he could see my tight hole.

    Then he made me turn around, so that my head and upper body where resting on the couch, and my naked ass pointing up. Said stood up from the couch, walked around me and kneeled behind me, approaching himself towards me. I felt his dickhead touch my buttocks. Said spread my ass cheeks, spat on my ass hole and put his dickhead against it. He pushed and tried to get his dick in. He was not very handy in getting his dick in. It was like if Said did not have a lot of experience in fucking asses. He spat on his dick and I felt him spit on my ass hole again, then he stuck his finger inside me, in an effort to lube me up. I moaned softly because his clumsy way of fingering me, felt good. I thought his eagerness was very horny. Again he put his dick against my sphincter, and tried to push his dick in, but it didn’t go in easy. I told him to wait, I was going to get some lube from the bath room. I stood up, took the lubrication and went back into the living room, where Said still was waiting on his knees, his shirt still on, pants down and his hard dick sticking out. I did some lubrication on my hand and lubricated his dick. I smeared some on my ass hole, took my position and asked him to massage my hole again with his finger. He did, and spread the lube around good, I felt his finger slide in and out, then he even inserted a second finger, to widen my hole. I loved it how his fingers felt. Then Said thought that was enough massaging, he wanted to stick his dick in and again moved his body closer towards me, his dickhead touched my hole, and there it went, slowly but steadily it slid inside me. Said became very excited, he started to groan softly, content about the warm moist feeling around his dick. I felt quite filled up by his dick, he started to go in and out, holding me by my hips. His hands caressed my buttocks and he smacked my ass, then slid his hands underneath me to caress my belly and the inside of my legs, but he carefully tried to avoid to touch my cock. He said things like how he liked my ass, how nice shaped it was, that I had truly the shapes of a woman... I had never thought about that, when I tried to look at my naked ass in front of the mirror I never thought that body parts of me would look like being of a woman. I didn’t give it much further thought, especially since Said seemed to like the shape of my ass, and more, he loved pumping it. I however, had to adjust to his dick, which seemed just regular in size, but once inside, felt very big. He pressed it in deeply and pulled it almost out, and pushed it back in again. He did it in a sort of lazy way, not wanting to cum to soon. Sometimes he pulled it out entirely and pushed it back in again, making me sigh and moan each time he shoved it in again. His hand went over my belly, went up to my chest and cupped my nonexistent breasts, it felt erotic. He speeded up his rhythm and held on to my hips again, and fucked me like that for a while, then slid his hands under my belly again and rested his upper body on top of me, I could hear him panting in my ear and sometimes saying things like how good it felt, how he was going to cum soon. He asked how I wanted him to cum, in my ass, on my ass cheeks or in my mouth. But he didn’t even wait for an answer, he drew out and with one more wank he spurted thick wads over my ass cheeks and back. He gave me a last slap on my ass, stood up and fell onto the couch. I was still on my knees. I sucked the last drops out of his dickhead and licked his dick clean. Then Said pulled up his underwear, his pants and took a sip of his last bit of tea. He said that it had been good, and that he had to go soon. With that I pulled up my pants as well, over my sperm drenched buttocks, and walked him to the door. Maybe again, another time?, Said asked. Sure, I said. And he took off. When I walked back to the living room, I could feel my ass hole, it felt used and empty. Not unpleasant. I hoped he would visit me again, soon. Unfortunately I never saw Said again. At the community centre they told me he had gone back to Morocco.

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    August 6, 2016 5:23 PM CEST

    Great story.