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Sharm-El-Sheikh - Egypt - Report

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    September 24, 2016 2:52 AM CEST

    I wrote this report (below) maybe 5yrs ago.

    I notice it is not on this "new" site , so , I thought I would re-post it.

    NOW - The situation in Egypt and Sharm may have changes a LOT in the past 12 months , I do not know , I have not been there for 3yrs.

    However , SOME of my report MIGHT still be valid , who knows ?

    Anyway , I hope you enjoy reading it and can glean some information from it.


    sissybloke from London




    I have been on holiday to Sharm El Sheikh about 6 times now , here are my findings...

    Firstly , i am a bottom (also a crossdresser). I am also quite feminine and my hair is long so men can instantly tell that I am fair game. BUT i do not go out in the streets of Sharm (or anywhere in any Arab Country, crossdressed) Instead, I just wear panties, stockings and suspenders UNDER my normal boy clothes.

    So , i go out in boy clothes , although i make sure that my walk is extra feminine!
    Just because I am “feminine” it does not mean that the following will not apply to you , even if you are just a regular guy, you should find my insights useful ( I hope)

    There are no gay bars or beaches etc... in Sharm El Sheikh, no cruising spots either.
    The men there will be either single , where they will most likely live in a communal house with other men/workers or they will be married and live with their wives.
    Most men there are from Cairo , they work there and support their families back home in Cairo and so they live in communal houses, they have no private places.
    Local Egyptians are not allowed in your hotel - so , you cannot take them back there.
    Apartment rentals will always have a security guard, who will not allow Egyptian nationals across the threshold.

    So , there is one big problem , if you do strike it lucky , you are going to have nowhere to go! You might think it an option then to go to a deserted beach or desert area after dark BUT nowhere is ever deserted in Sharm , there are men employed as "security guards" every 100m, sometimes sitting on building site entrances or on the corner of roads. Appears to me that this is just a way of keeping people employed as they appear to do very little and i doubt if any real crime ever happens here.

    So , how have i met men ?
    Lets start by saying that you will ALWAYS be the bottom !
    You will be expected to suck cock and possibly be fucked by them , but they are never going to reciprocate or even touch your cock.

    Rarely , there is a worker in hotels that i have stayed in . Waiter , guard , room cleaner , gardener whatever.... and only twice have i been lucky enough to score this way and invite him to my room . Even when in the room though , the session is hurried as they could be fired on the spot for being in a guests room.

    My most successful way has been taxi drivers !!!
    i walk EVERYWHERE in Sharm . As soon as you spend any time there you will not escape the fact that whenever you are walking a taxi will sound his horn at you , as he is looking for a fare . This can be as many as a dozen taxis in 60 seconds. Taxis are everywhere.
    What i do is , i walk , i wait for a taxi to sound his horn. Upon approach, he slows down and i get a good look at him.
    If i find him attractive and get a sense of “gaydar” about him , i will begin my "catch". i walk to his wound down window and tell him i do not want a taxi , i am just walking as i am new here and i want to see the area on foot. If he was purely looking for a fare , he will now probably drive off .
    IF he has something else in mind he will now try and persuade you to take his taxi ! Say , it is nice of him but that you have NO MONEY , that is why you are walking and that you must keep your money for food etc... in the hotel. Hopefully , you have now dispelled any notion that he may have had of getting money out of you for sex.

    At this point , if he was looking for money , he will drive off , IF though he carries on talking to you , he is certainly looking for sex with you and will be open to anything. He might say , well , jump in , i will give you a free ride. Get in ! He will ask where you are staying , who you are with , whether you are married etc...? Just say you are alone and you are not married . Do not say you are gay , just say that in your country , life is much more free and you have sex with men and women.

    Things move very fast now and he will ask if you want sex . Sex for him is YOU giving him a blowjob at the very least. He might suggest money again at this point, money for sex. It is entirely up to you if you decide that you will answer his desire by saying you will pay him . Personally , i don't , but if you do , 20 - 40 Egyptian pounds is adequate.

    So , where are you going to have this sex ?

    Well , the unfortunate thing is , neither of you have any place to go , so , you will begin a lengthy journey of driving around streets and back streets of Sharm whilst he gets his cock out and you get your face down in to his crotch and you suck him as he drives !

    Over the 6 visits i have made to Sharm , i have probably had about 50 taxi drivers in this way . Only 4 of them were ever brave enough to stop the vehicle in a remote area , get out and fuck me and only 1 ever took me back to his shared house.

    Lets also add that the sex is brief , they will give you all the talk about how they have the biggest cock and how they are the greatest lovers on Earth , yet , in reality , they almost always cum within 60 seconds and their cocks are almost always average size.

    Finally , after the act , they will ask for money again (even if you told them no earlier) They will even say , give me money for the taxi ride , not for the sex. It is your call again here . Personally , if the experience had been poor i keep to my story that i have no money . If i did like the guy and the experience and might even like to see him again , i WILL give him 20 -50 Egyptian Pounds on the hope that he will see me on the street another night and ask me to take another ride !

    Also worth mentioning is that only about half of the taxi drivers that you just sucked will then drive you back to where they picked you up. The other half will just tell you to get out of the taxi now , you might be 1 – 3 miles away from where you fist started ! In that case , personally I don’t mind as it just means MORE walking and MORE taxi drivers to pick up !

    So , for me , i get the buzz and thrill mostly out of the chase and knowing that i am doing something "forbidden" and dangerous!

    Best places ? For me , i avoid Naama Bay , it is too busy and the taxi drivers probably are looking for fares as it is so competitive there and you dont have time to establish a sex conversation.
    i stay and walk around the Ras Um Sid area , near the Mercatto shopping centre that has Mc Donalds etc... It is quieter and you can walk the streets and be visible (no huge crowds).
    This area ( for taxi drivers) has been very successful for me. I would LOVE to hear from others if other areas are good e.g Sharks Bay, Soho Square etc… ?

    Aside from taxi drivers, i HAVE had offers from shopkeepers in the souks in Naama and Downtown Sharm but this is nearly always impossible as they have no back room and they dont close their shops until about 1am in any case. Also , the shops next door and shopkeepers will notice if you are hanging around a guys shop after 1am and will know what is up. They will think nothing of calling security police to foil your plan and extort money out of you .

    Shopkeepers DO often though sleep in their shop overnight and on one occasion a shopkeeper lad of about 25yrs of age asked me to return at 1000 in the morning , all the other shops were closed and their occupants were still asleep . I managed to have 30 minutes of uninterrupted sex with him in this shop in the early morning . He even took a souvenir figure of an Egyptian fake god with a giant penis ( the figure is about 6 inches tall but its’ penis is also about 6inches long!) and he used it as a dildo up my ass. After he had done this , he just put it back on the shelf ! I often have a giggle about a tourist that probably went on to purchase this item that had been up my arse ! This shop encounter was a very rare occurrence though.

    I have had just two beach experiences , one good , one bad.
    On one visit , there was a new hotel being built next to the established beach hotel that I was staying in. I took a stroll , past the beach perimeter security guard of my hotel and walked the deserted beach area of the new hotel being built. I was not actually looking for sex , I was just enjoying the solitude on this empty beach. At one end of the beach there were large, high rocks. I just ventured to them to have a look and pass the time. I looked up and an Egyptian site worker was watching me. I started being all “girly” and stroked my ass and giggled when the cooler sea water hit my feet. He came down , grabbing his crotch and stood behind a rock. It took me just seconds to walk up to him , drop to my knees and suck his cock to completion. He then simply walked away. I repeated my visit to that beach again the following day, at the same time of the day , but this time , HE was waiting for ME !!!

    My second beach experience was that I had read on a website about a cruising area inside some beach caves. I WONT tell you the location , because it was a bad experience that I don’t want others to try and follow.

    There is a semi-public beach which has a security guard sitting on the rocks next to it , to stop “just anyone” from using it. You see , it is meant to be only used for people who own the private apartments behind the beach. They will allow white tourists to walk along it though, so , basically they are keeping out the Egyptian locals.

    I sunbathed and swam NEXT to this private beach area, on the totally public side of it. An Egytian boy of about 25yrs of age came and chatted to me and was genuinely interested in meeting and spending time with a foreigner. He was not even looking for sex, it was ME who sort of talked him in to it. He knew that there were caves on the semi-private beach. He walked me to them , we walked past the security guard who said nothing. The interior of the caves are hidden from public sight, nobody would know that anyone was inside them.

    So , we had sex as soon as we arrived at them. I sucked him and then he fucked me. Being an Egyptian , the sex was the usual 3 or 4 minutes !

    I moved OUT of the cave , down to the ocean to wash ( I had pulled my shorts up).
    The Egyptian lad remained inside the cave , sorting himself out. Within seconds, secret police swooped down to the caves. They were not even in uniform. I sort of carried on washing in the ocean , pretending I was swimming and enjoying the water. My heart was racing though because I knew that if they had arrived just 60 seconds earlier , then they would have caught us in the act of fucking. The police ignored me and went directly in to the cave and dragged the young Egyptian out.

    Everyone was speaking in Arabic but I could tell by the tone of their voices that they were being nasty to him and interrogating him. I figured that the beach security guard had called the police forces because he knew that the Egyptian guy was taking me down to the caves to fuck me. Anyway, I could see the Egyptian boy , with his arm and hand gestures telling them (probably) “ we haven’t done anything, I am just lying in the cave , out of the sun , he is swimming”. Nevertheless , they dragged him away and none of them actually came to speak to me.

    I just carried on swimming , trying to look innocent, but, I was quite frightened to be honest.

    After my swim , I dressed and left the area and I was not stopped, although the police were still there. So , to this day , I do not what became of that boy. I DO feel bad about it. The moral is ANYONE ever sees you going somewhere discreet with anyone, well, assume the worst and assume that person is going to call the police. So , in effect, DON’T DO IT if you have been seen!

    So , to sum up , my recommendations for Sharm El Sheik would be to stick to Taxi drivers or workers within your hotel. The almost ideal situation would be for you to rent your own private apartment that has no security . Your guest would be able to sneak in , under the cover of darkness then . These are very rare and more expensive though as even most privately owned apartments have security guards so finding one will be very difficult.

    Anyway , i hope my take on sharm el sheikh has been helpful,
    sissybloke from London, U.K