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A new job in Cairo

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    October 30, 2016 3:53 AM CET
    The year was 1882 and I had just arrived in Cairo on a steamer from
    London. We had stopped at most of the major ports from London onwards and I
    was very glad to have at last arrived home to my country of origan.  I had
    lived in London for six years with my family, my father was in the
    diplomatic service. Now at last I was home.  I had left my family in London
    and was returning to find employment.
    I had just turned twenty one and while at both school and university in
    England I played much sport and developed a fine athletic body.  My body
    was dark olive skinned and very smooth. I was just on six feet tall.
    Luckily my father had taught me the art of "jelqing". The practice of
    enlarging or stretching the penis.  This had proved very successful, as I
    now had between my legs, a weapon of great proportion.  I had a light patch
    of black pubic hair with no scrotum hair at all.  My crack between my arse
    cheeks was also free of hair, with only small patches of under arm hair to
    add to that above my manhood.
    I booked into one of the better hotels and as I had not had any sexual
    relief for sometime, I decided to go the city baths, firstly, to in fact to
    bathe and cool down and secondly to observe all the fine Arab men that I
    had been told, frequented the baths.
    On arrival, an attendant took me to the disrobing rooms and assisted me to
    undress. He was young, about sixteen and most handsome.  When naked I could
    see he was marvelling the size of my manhood.  I was also uncut and this is
    also very unusual in most Arab countries, especially as my foreskin hung
    well below the end of my penis.  This is also a result of the years of
    stretching.  I could see that he was marvelling at my size, so I asked if
    him wanted to touch. He nodded and quickly took hold of my meat. I lifted
    his robe and found his boy cock already hard.  It was also a good size,
    around seven inches.  As he played with my penis I masturbated him to a
    large climax, where he shot his seed well in front of him.  Much was on my
    hand and I licked it off and smiled at him.  I did not want to cum at that
    time so I took his hand off my penis and let it subside.
    I put on a light cotton robe and the attendant escorted my out into the
    main bathing area.  This was broken into several parts with one main large
    pool and four or five smaller pools off in different areas.  These pools
    were much more private.
    The main pool area was very busy with many men bathing nude.  As I dropped
    my cotton gown to enter the pool, I noticed that there were many faces
    looking my way and admiring my manly equipment which was still semi erect.
    I was very proud of my long thick man meat and was quite happy to have the
    multitude in awe of my weapon.
    I found a quiet corner in the main pool and was relaxing and enjoying the
    cool waters as they took the day's heat out of my body.  I noticed a
    handsome man of about forty years approaching me .  He introduced himself
    as Acmid and told me he had noticed the size of my endowment and enquired
    if it was natural or if it had been assisted by the ways of old.  Jelqing.
    I informed him that I had been practicing the art of Jelqing since I was
    fourteen.  I explained that when I started I had a man servant who my
    father employed. It was his job to jelq or stretch my penis three times a
    day.  Naturally I looked forward to this very much.  It was at that time
    that I also started to produce sperm and to climax at each of the seasons.
    I did not tell him that my man servant also sucked up my sperm and never
    allowed it to fall to the earth.  He told me that this should never happen.
    When we left Cairo and moved to England I had to take up the act of jelqing
    myself. This I also enjoyed, as I loved to release the large load of semen
    that used to built up in my scrotum so quickly.  As my teacher had
    instructed me I never let my sperm hit the earth, but made sure I consumed
    every bit.
    My new friend asked if he could touch my manhood and see for himself just
    how large it was.  We moved to one of the smaller pools where it was much
    darker and quieter. It did not take him long to have my penis with my penis
    head poking through the end of my long foreskin. Two other young men who
    had watched me enter the pool joined to see for themselves what I had when
    erect.  At full hardness it is around fourteen inches long and very thick.
    He was most impressed with my size and quickly started to masturbate me.
    One of the young men had hold of my scrotum and held my balls tight as the
    other played with my rear hole.  This was very sexy and quickly brought me
    to orgasm.  I was sorry to see all my sperm floating in the water and not
    being eaten.
    As my penis was softening, Acmid asked if I had work.  I told him that I
    had only just arrived in Cairo and that at this point I did not have
    work. He informed that he was a very wealthy businessman and would like to
    employ me to act as Jelqer to his three sons.  He promised a very, very
    good salary and asked if I could start immediately.  As I had no work and
    the money he was offering was extremely good I accepted.  We agreed to meet
    the following day at his home where I could have my own private
    I arrived at the agreed time of 11.00am and ushered into the formal rooms
    of this very large and magnificent home.  Acmid arrived with his three
    sons. Three very handsome young men. They were aged twelve, fourteen and
    sixteen.  I was introduced and their father explained what my job was to
    be.  I could see that he had already discussed that matter with the boys as
    they were not at all fussed by the news.  Acmid suggested that the staff
    take my bags to my quarters and that I start immediately with the boys.
    The boys showed me to a small gymnasium which was linked to my
    quarters. They informed me that this is where I was to perform my jelqing.
    There was washing facilities.  So once I had explained what I was going to
    do, I requested hot water from one of the servants and was ready to
    commence.  The eldest son, the sixteen year old volunteered to be first and
    I asked if he would like the other boys to leave.  He said they could stay
    as they had both seen him masturbate many times as he had also seen them
    I got him to undress and had him stand on a small cupboard.  His penis was
    circumcised and already of a good length and thickness for a sixteen year
    old, about four inches as it hung loose.  His testicles were full and hung
    low in their smooth sack and he had a large patch of black pubic hair above
    his penis and underarm hair. The remainder of his body was free from hair.
    I wrapped a hot towel around his penis and testicles and then asked the
    second boy to undress and stand on the cupboard next to his brother.  I
    also examined his genitals. He was not quite as large as his brother, about
    three inches, and his testicles also large and firm and hung low.  His
    pubic patch was smaller and less dense.  The youngest son was next on the
    cupboard.  His penis was still quite small about two inches and his
    testicles were still tight against his groin.  He had only ten or so pubic
    hair starting grow above his small penis.
    I now had them all wrapped in hot towels to get the blood circulation
    going. I removed the towel of the eldest son, who was now had a semi hard
    penis.  This was the state best to work in.  I oiled up the glans and the
    testicles and started the jelqing technique.  This is done by firmly
    grasping the penis close to the body and drawing to the end, so that the
    blood was forced into the end of the gland, causing it to both stretch in
    length and thicken in girth.  It was extremely important not to over work
    the penis as damage can occur.  I kept up with the treatment for about
    three minutes and asked him to let me know if he was going to ejaculate. He
    nodded that he would.  I also informed him that his seed should never fall
    to earth.  As he was not used to such treatment he very quickly told me he
    was about to loose his load.  I quickly put my mouth over his very hard
    erection and drank deeply of this young boy's seed.  He was very fertile
    and produced so much sweet cum I was battling not to spill any.  On
    finishing I rewrapped his penis in a hot towel and moved to the second boy.
    He already was very hard and I was really unable to commence to work on
    him.  I decided to bring him to ejaculation and in the future to work on
    the boys by themselves.  I oiled his penis and testicles up, massaging his
    smooth balls and his penis as I could not jelg while he was so erect.  I
    likewise asked him to inform me when he was about to release his load.
    This did not take long.  I again drank fully of this rich young nectar. He
    was even sweeter than his brother although not quite the quantity.  I then
    rewrapped his penis in hot towels and moved to the youngest.
    On unwrapping his hot towels, he likewise was hard.  I asked if he had as
    yet produced sperm as his brothers did.  He proudly informed that he did
    and that he did not want his to land on the earth either.  I oiled up his
    four inches and went to work.  He was able to hold off longer than either
    of his brothers, and very loudly informed me that he was about to cum.  I
    completely swallowed his penis and milked him with my mouth as he unloaded
    his smaller load into my waiting gullet. Like his middle brother, he was
    also very sweet to taste, I then wrapped him again.  I informed all boys
    that they were to return again after lunch, however this time to come one
    at a time so I could better on each of them.
    They all dressed, thanked me and left.  I had a lovely taste of young cum
    in my mouth and new this was a job I was going to enjoy.
    I was just finishing up when their father, Acmil joined me in the gym.  He
    asked how the first session had gone and I informed him that the boys were
    all a little too excited to achieve a good work out, but that this would
    come with time.  I explained that a hard erection was not the best way to
    practice jelqing, that you needed a firm or semi erect penis.  He then
    asked if I needing to be relieved so that I could jelq myself properly.  I
    told him I would have to relieve my self before I could commence.  He asked
    me to undress so that he could do that for me.  I quickly disrobed and he
    had my large penis in both hands and in his mouth.  I could still taste the
    sweetness of the boys on my lips as he worked on my penis head with his
    mouth and masturbated me with two firm hands.  His mouth went down and
    sucked both of my smooth balls into his wet lips.  He swirled then around
    as he worked my penis with one hand while the other found the entrance to
    my most private place.  This felt so good as this powerful man forced his
    finger into me.  He forced me to lie back on the small cupboard as he
    withdraw his finger and quickly undressed. He was already very hard.  He
    oiled up his seven inch penis and inserted it in the entrance of my rectum.
    With steady force he quickly entered me so that I could feel both his pubic
    hair and his testicles against my buttocks.  Once fully inside me he
    started to pound me with his solid weapon.  This action was quickly
    bringing me towards my climax.  I was again full of semen and I knew that
    he was also going to plant his semen deep inside me very soon.  He was
    sucking my penis head as I exploded into his mouth.  I could feel him swell
    inside my as he pumped his load of juices into me.
    He told me that my penis was fantastic as he was able to both fuck and suck
    me at the same time.  A joy he hoped he would have for many years.  I also
    hoped that this was to last a long time.
    This was a great job for a young man such as myself.
    The next few days I settled into the routine of my new job, that of the
    daily jelqing of my three young suitors.  The younger two started to work
    very well and I was able to actively jelq them most effectively. However
    the eldest son was always so aroused when he arrived that I had to relieve
    his sexual tension before I could start the exercises.  He would arrive
    with his penis at full mask and it was so beautiful. At about seven inches
    erect, his penis stood upright from his body and his large testicles so
    smooth in their sack.  I had taken to sucking the juices out of him right
    from the start.  As he fucked my mouth I would stretch his testicles down
    hoping to lengthen them in time.  This would only make him work harder
    until he blew his thick boy juices deep into my throat.  After two weeks I
    started to finger his rear hole and this also turned him on, to the point
    of him asking if I would put my hard penis into him.  This I did without
    question.  I know it hurt him very much the first time, however he did not
    make a noise.  He just took my whole length. After slowly working my hard
    member in and out of his tight rear, he started to enjoy the sensation.
    After that time it was also a regular occurrence before each session.
    Quite often after dinner was completed and the boys were sent to bed, I
    would be summoned to the master's rooms.  There he would bury his member
    deep into me.  This, I must admit, was a time that I really looked forward
    to, as he would love to suck the juices out of me as he deposited his deep
    in my belly.
    On one occasion, not long after I started working, my master had a guest
    from the east visit, a Bedouin prince, and join the family for the evening
    meal.  He was a very tall and a very dark skinned man.  He was in his mid
    twenties and was also most handsome.  After we ate, he and my master Acmil
    retired to smoke.  I did my duties with the boys and put them to bed.  I
    was also about to retire when I was summoned by Acmil.  He informed me that
    his guest had requested some evening pleasure and had asked for my company.
    Acmil informed me that it was part of my duties to ensure that the
    household guest was completely looked after.  I therefore went to his bed
    chamber and knocked on his door.  I was instructed to enter and found our
    guest laying on the bed in a white robe that was fully open at the front
    exposing his very well built dark, smooth body and his enormous manhood.
    He informed me that he was also a student of the ancient jelqing method
    and, like myself, had been practicing since boyhood.  He asked if I would
    like to examine his penis as he certainly would like to see mine at close
    quarters.  Unlike my master, he had not been circumcised and had a very
    long black foreskin that hung well over the end of his penis.  Although in
    a flaccid state, his manhood was well over the 10 inches and quite thick.
    His testicles were very large and hung low in their smooth sack. They
    rested easily on the white cotton sheets as he lay on his back, as did his
    penis as it snaked its way between both his large balls.  I removed my robe
    as I came to the bed.  I was already becoming hard and as I reached him, he
    took me in his strong hands.  He drew me to his mouth and took my penis
    head into his mouth.  It felt so warm.  I reached down and picked up his
    thickening black member and peeled back the long foreskin.  His cock head
    was dark pink and I immediately bent and took him into my mouth.  He tasted
    so good and it was not long before I could taste the salty flavour of his
    pre juices.  He had so much juice.  His penis was now fully hard and about
    12 inches long.  It had not grown a lot bigger than when soft, but was now
    very hard and protruding straight out from his body at 90 degrees.  I tried
    to get as much into my mouth as possible and was very aware that I was not
    for from exploding into his mouth.  I worked hard on his beautiful hard
    cock until I felt it stiffen, swell and then explode deep into my throat.
    This took me over the edge and I gave him my load also.  I was afraid he
    may not like this, but in fact he was most impressed.  We lay there for
    some time licking on our softening weapons.  He then pulled me up to his
    mouth and we kissed deeply.  It was the most affectionate embrace I had
    ever known.  It was not long before we drifted off to sleep.
    We awake as the sun was rising.  I was cradled in the arms of my new black
    fiend. I could feel his hard penis straining at my arse crack.  He was, as
    with the night before, oozing so much pre juices that my whole rear was so
    wet and slippery.  When he realised I was awake, he told me he had
    something special for me.  I could feel him find my unprotected rear entry
    and force his large meat inside me. The pain was over taking to begin with,
    but as he slowly entered me the pain was taken over with the greatest
    feeling of pleasure I have ever known.  He slowly slid his full length deep
    into my belly, he completely filled me, he was so large, the largest I had
    ever taken.  But he was so gentle.  His long foreskin had slid back to make
    his entry smooth and fluid.
    He slowly started working his manhood in and out of me massaging my most
    sensitive spot as he went.  He reached around and started to masturbate me
    as he drove his monstrous weapon into me.  I could feel as his long fore
    skin slide back and forth making a very smooth motion.  I could feel the
    ripples of the veins on his penis as he worked my rear to perfection.  He
    now had my foreskin pulled back and was working my pre cum into my penis
    head with his smooth hands.  At that moment my whole existence centred
    around my anus and penis as he was to bring me to one great climax. What a
    feeling.  I could not stop the climax. I knew my anus was holding his penis
    very tight and he pumped me harder as he unleashed his load again deep
    inside me. I then exploded, covering his hands, my chest and the bed
    clothes with much hot cum.  We both lay there, exhausted.  He kissed me
    gently on the neck as we again drifted off to sleep.
    I awake an hour latter and he was still buried deep inside me as he held me
    close.  I knew I had my daily duties to attend to, so I slowly slid out of
    his arms and he slowly slipped out of me.  I then bathed and then attended
    my duties with the boys.
    A few weeks after this incident a messenger came to the house with a
    message for Acmil from the Prince.  Evidently he had enjoyed the evening
    with me so much, he had invited me to his home.  When Acmil informed me of
    the request, I thought there was no way I could get away from my duties
    within the house. However Acmil informed me that he would like me accept
    the invitation, as the Prince was a very powerful man within that part of
    Egypt and it would do my employer a great deal of good, business wise, to
    be of any assistance what so ever to the Prince.  So with this in mind, I
    had new clothes purchased for me and I wend to see the Prince at his home
    Being Bedouin, he had no fixed place of residences, but moved around. When
    I eventually arrived at his home, he was camped in a large valley near a
    very large oasis. There were many tents and people camped around his main
    tent.  I was escorted into his great tent and greeted very warmly by the
    Prince and a group of young men that turned out to be his close family and
    body guard.  I was shown to my quarters, which were most splendid and a
    bath was prepared by four young men.  As I had been travelling for nearly a
    week I was very much in need of washing.  Two of the young men, I guessed
    that they were sixteen or seventeen, helped me undress and assisted me into
    the bath were they started washing me.  My hair was washed as was the rest
    of my body, including a thorough washing of my private parts, which were
    very much aroused at the attention.  They shaved my face then asked me to
    stand in the bath so they may shave "down there".  I had no idea what they
    wished to shave, but stood anyway.  They proceeded to shave what little
    hair I had on my scrotum with the long handled razor.  This had me very
    worried as one slip could prove most unfortunate for my future sex life.
    They, however, were experts with the instrument and removed all hair from
    my scrotum and the base of my penis.  They left the pubic hair, but trimmed
    it short.  After they had finished they showed me their private parts that
    had been completely remove of all hair.
    After bathing I was given a white cotton caftan to wear and asked to
    accompany them to the central dining area where the Prince and about ten of
    his followers were seated.  I was introduced to them all by name, although
    I remembered none of their names.  They were all young handsome men in late
    teens or early twenties.  I sat next to the Prince and with his hand on my
    upper thigh he informed me that he had told his friends of the evening we
    had had together and that he would be very pleased if I would consent to
    give such pleasure to his brothers.  He translated to his brothers and they
    all smiled and nodded in agreement.  I told the Prince I would do what ever
    I could to give pleasure to him and his brothers.  I must admit at this
    point I had no idea how they planned this to happen, but as they were all
    very handsome young men, it could not be a bad thing that was about to
    At that point the food arrived. It was brought in by the four boys who had
    bathed me earlier. However now they were bare chested with a small white
    cotton cloth around their waists. One could easily see their endowment when
    then bent to put down the food.  All four had nothing to be ashamed of, as
    their penises were all of good length and width with very large testicles
    hanging behind. Now and then the diners would grope the young serving men
    who seemed to enjoy this very much.
    There was so much food and it was so very tasty. We all ate to our content
    and the remains of the food was taken away by the four boys who had bathed
    At this point the Price said to me that his friends were very keen to see
    the size of my endowment.  The Prince lifted my caftan to my waist to
    expose my semi erect penis.  All the men present were very interested and
    gathered around to have a close look. One young man reached out and took
    hold of my manhood and brought me to full erection.  Others had their own
    penises in hand and were masturbating themselves.  The Prince then stood
    and completely removed all his clothing and moved in so I could suck on his
    monstrous penis.  I could taste the sweet nectar of his pre cum that had
    built up under his foreskin.  The Prince then pulled out of my mouth and
    called the boys back.  They lifted me onto a bench and tied my legs up with
    ropes to the rear of the tent. The Prince came back and replaced his large
    cock into my mouth.  The boys then proceeded to lubricate my rectum and
    stretch my hole in readiness of the coming assault.  By this time all the
    men were naked and their hard cocks were being worked on to reach their
    full potential.  With this they assisted each other.  None of their penises
    were circumcised and they were all shaved smooth only the Prince had short
    pubic hair.  Their penises were all long and slender with long foreskins
    and free hanging scrotums full of fat ripe testicles.  The Prince called to
    one of the youngest to be the first to invade my pleasure hole. He looked
    extremely young, maybe about sixteen. He approached and one of the boy
    attendants rubbed oils onto his penis before he lined his weapon up to
    enter me.  His smooth muscled body gleamed in the lamp light as he moved
    towards me. I felt the head of his penis covered by the long foreskin touch
    my sacred hole.  I felt the pressure as he slowly pushed his meat into me.
    The foreskin folded back allowing him easy access to my inner sanctum. He
    pushed his seven or eight inches deep into me, at the same time the Prince
    also pushed his weapon deep into my gullet.  The young man started slowly
    with long firm strokes, but quickly built to a fast, hard and steady
    rhythm.  The other men were edging him on.  He quickly came to climax and
    deposited his man juice deep inside me.  One of the men had my cock deep in
    his throat as the next pushed his way deep inside me.  This man was much
    thicker that the first and he felt so good inside me.
    At this stage the Prince had pushed his big balls into my mouth and I
    sucked these smooth globules of manhood. I had my nose into his smooth arse
    and could smell his sweet manly aromas. It did not take long for the next
    man to unleash his juices into me.  The prince then ordered that my legs be
    untied.  He told me that he would have his men stretch my arse in readiness
    for him to enter me.  To do so he had one man with a long slender penis
    insert into me from the front.  He then told me to hold onto my man around
    the neck as the second entered me from behind.  Two penises at the same
    time.  They hurt to commence with but soon became so good as I could feel
    these two hot pieces of meat deep inside my guts.  The Prince also had a
    finger in between both penis to gauge the room that was available for him.
    The man from behind was fucking me very hard and his penis was rubbing up
    against the other man's and bringing them both to climax. As they filled me
    with their thick white juices I could feel their cum run down my legs.  At
    this point one of the men who had been masturbating stood on the chest I
    had been tied onto and placed his penis into my mouth as he unleashed his
    thick white sweet load of cum into me.  These men had so much cum.  They
    can't have been relieved for some time.
    I was lifted off my twin cocked friends and placed back onto the table and
    had my legs held high above my chest.  The Prince came around and the young
    boys oiled up his monster meat. He gave his meat a couple of strokes and
    his balls slapped back and forth before he lined up to enter me.  I
    remembered the pain I had encountered the first time he entered me, however
    this time his friends had loosened me enough to allow him to enter my arse
    with little to no pain.  Just the pleasure of the feeling of the great man
    entering me.  He could see that I was enjoying him enter me and immediately
    began to deep stroke me with his thick twelve inches.  He easily slipped in
    and out as his long foreskin and the oil and brother's cum made for great
    lubrication.  The young sixteen year old now had my penis deep in his mouth
    and I knew I would very soon unload my first load, which I also knew was
    going to be a very big load as it had been some time.  The prince was now
    fucking very hard and fast, his body was glistening with sweat as his body
    tensed and unloaded his thick stream of man cum into me.  This was all I
    needed to fill my young friend mouth with my first load for the
    evening. The prince pulled his long cock from my rear and in doing so, felt
    as if he left such a void.
    There were still two or three who had not as yet cum.  One, who had a long
    yet bent penis entered me and as he did he turned me onto my side.  This
    had the advantage of rubbing the head of his bent cock hard against my
    prostrate, giving me more pleasure.  He knew exactly what he was doing, as
    before long I was hard as rock again with the sensation of this strange
    shaped tool.  He lifted my top leg over his shoulder and beckoned the young
    man who was sucking my hard meat, to sit on my hard flesh. Two of the other
    men quickly oiled his anus then lifted him up, placing his rectum on the
    point of my penis. They slowly lowered him down my long length. He was in
    immense pain to start with, as they slowly lowered him onto my long
    penis. I felt the end of his colon and pushed him forward so I could enter
    deeper without hurting him. I could see the relief on his face as he
    settled into a steady rhythm of bouncing up and down on my hard tool.  His
    arse was so tight and the pounding of the cock in my own arse brought my
    quickly to orgasm again.  This time very deep inside this young man. As I
    did so, my own arse contracted and pushed my fucker to the brink,
    unleashing yet another load of semen into my bowels.  As this was happening
    the two remaining men unloaded their wads of thick, white cum onto me and
    the boy.  The smell of man was everywhere.  We were all exhausted, with cum
    all over the place.  We all lay there naked together and slowly drifted off
    to sleep.  During the night I could hear the men, one by one, slip out of
    the tent to return to their wives and families, until I was left with just
    the two young sixteen year olds, who both snuggled up close to me to keep
    warm on this cold desert night.
    In the morning when I awake, I was back in my own chamber, still with the
    two young men next to me.  They must have carried me back while I was
    asleep.  I could feel the hard penis of one sleeping at my rear, while at
    the same time feel the warmth of the anal crack of the young man in front,
    as my hard cock nestled into this warm smooth place.  I slowly eased my
    cock back until I found the entrance to the place I was seeking. Slowly I
    put pressure onto his anus until my wet cock head slowly entered him.  He
    was still asleep and did not move.  Very gently I kept the pressure on as I
    slowly slipped deeper into his smooth dark mounds of flesh. He stirred
    slightly but did not wake, as his anus was fully relaxed as I entered him.
    I was nearly fully inside him when a hand from behind moved around to grasp
    my penis, only to find that it was nearly fully buried.  With this he move
    in closer and found the entrance to my anus with his ridged penis and like
    myself slowly inserted his sweet manhood into me. By the time he was fully
    into me, I was into his friend.  Slowly he started working his hard cock in
    and out of me. The motion of this made his friend stir and slowly wake.  It
    took him a little time to realise that I was deep inside, however as soon
    as it dawned on him I could feel him contract his anal muscles and push
    back into me.  It felt so good, with my own cock buried deep in this tight
    arse and his friend slowly working in and out of mine.  I just lay there as
    the two youths slowly moved back and forth.  I knew that at this pace I
    could last forever, and that is exactly how I wished it to be. I was in
    heaven. Bit by bit the pace got faster and the pumping stronger and the
    stroked longer until we were all at full steam.  The sweat from our heated
    bodies was making us slippery and I could feel the youth behind tonguing my
    ear and neck.  I knew this would take me to the edge very quickly.  I
    reached around the front and took hold of the free, hard. young penis and
    started to pump it as hard as I could.  I soon felt his anus clamp down
    around my penis as my own arse was being pounded with the hard cock from
    behind.  The young man behind cried out in ecstasy as he blew his night's
    load into me.  My young man in front started to blow all over my hand and
    as he did, clamped so hard on my own dick that I immediately filled his
    arse with my night's brew of thick cum.  We lay there for some time as we
    regained our strength and our breath, until we slowly softened and slipped
    out of the warm orifices we had so much enjoyed.