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    October 30, 2016 3:55 AM CET
    My name is Travis and a month after I turned eighteen I agreed to go on a
    month long vacation to a resort on Saint Thomas in the Caribbean with my
    parents. I thought it would be a nice break from the winter and the stress
    from high school.
    I was a six-feet tall, a slim a hundred and seventy pounds, dark brown hair
    and brown eyes with kind of smooth fair skin. I was considered cute and by
    then I knew I liked boys. I'd had a few experiences but nothing really
    special. I wanted to but as yet I'd never tasted cum.
    The weather in Saint Thomas was fantastic. The sun always shinning and not
    too hot. In no time I was relaxing and beginning to feel very horny. I
    found myself looking at the black guys and became curious...very curious.
    My parents left me do whatever I wanted during the day as long as we had
    diner together in the evening.
    It became my habit after breakfast to get a bike from the hotel, one of
    those adult size tricycles with the big basket between the two back wheels
    and ride it around exploring the resort area and buying souvenirs and
    presents for my friend and relatives. The big basket was great for carrying
    souvenirs and stuff I bought.
    On the third day, I ended up with a flat tire and had to push the bike a
    half a mile to get it back to hotel and the bike check-out counter.
    The man behind the counter when I got back was a solid built black guy,
    maybe late 30s, dark skin and with a really nice smile. The name sewed on
    his shirt over his left pocket was `Jamal.' He told me that he could help
    me with the flat. Then since I was tired from pushing the tricycle so far
    so Jamal gave me a chair and we chatted a few minutes.
    When my breathing stabilized, he beckoned and I followed him to his shop in
    the back. Then we walked into a small room with a lot of shelves.  He
    turned and slowly closed the door behind us. I was kind of nervous but not
    As he was looking for a part on the shelves, with one hand he was
    unconsciously grabbing his crotch.
    I was looking down at his swollen crotch and Jamal noticed.
    Jamal smiled at me, took my hand and put it on his bulge. It felt really
    big and hard. I rubbed it gently, imagining what was inside those faded
    cut-off jeans. `daisy-Duke' style cut-off seemed to be the uniform of the
    Still smiling, he unbuttoned, lower the zipper and dropped his cut-offs.
    I nervously pulled down the underwear and his coal black cock bounced
    upward as the elastic of the boxer waistband freed it. I was in total awe
    of the massive size of the cock standing inches from my face. Still not
    fully hard it was still longer than any cock I'd ever see and was as thick
    as my wrist. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started slowly
    stroking it. I stroked it a few times and then pulled back the foreskin
    revealing the huge purple/red plum shaped head.
    Grinning down at me with his hands on his hips, Jamal said, "Come on white
    boy, taste it."
    I went to my knees in front, his cock hot still in my hands and opened my
    mouth wide. Then slowly slipped the purple/red plum shaped head passed my
    lips, running my tongue all around it in my mouth.
    Jamal moaned," "Ooohhhh migod yessssss," as he put his hand on the back of
    my head.
    I started moving up and down in rhythm of his hips as he slowly pumped in
    and out of my mouth. As my mouth got wetter it was sliding easier.
    Even though I was only able to take about half of it, Jamal seemed to be
    enjoying it.
    "That's it suck that big cock, you are doing good," he grunted.
    The taste turned me on like crazy, making me rock hard in my pants.
    Jamal told me. "Take your clothes off."
    And while was doing it, exposing my white hairless body and my erection, he
    sat down in a folding metal chair.
    Pushing his thighs wider apart, I moved over closer between his legs to
    continue sucking.
    "Good boy.  You know how to suck a big black dick don't you?" Jamal
    laughed, "That's good because you're going to be doing this a lot for me
    while you're stay here."
    I couldn't believe it. Here I was in my knees sucking Jamal's big black
    cock. There I was happily gobbling his big black cock. "Ohh, Ooohhhh,
    yessssss, s-s-suck me," he moaned softly. I was making wet slurping sounds
    as I bobbed my mouth up and down on his thick cock. My hands danced
    sensuously up his bare thighs until one of my hands cradled his big balls.
    I wasn't just suck his cock.  I was making a serious production out of it.
    I was sucking the best I could and really enjoying it.
    "You're going to taste my load soon," Jamal bragged. "You are hungry aren't
    you boy? You better be because I'm going to feed you," as he pushed my head
    firmer down on his cock and pumped faster and deeper into my mouth.
    Jamal's huge cock got even harder as he moaned, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm
    cumming. I'm Cumming in your mouth...Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh yessssss,"
    Then I felt it pulse and my mouth immediately filled up with a warm slimy
    liquid, I had to quickly swallow a mouth full before my mouth filled up
    again forcing me to swallow again.
    "Take it you cum hungry white boy. Swallow it all."
    I was in shock and insanely turned on at that point, it was a huge rush.
    When the pulsing and the flow stopped I licked off what was on his cock and
    on my hand. I couldn't believe how it tasted, an acrid peppery taste and it
    kind of burned my tongue. But I swallowed anyway.
    Helping me to my feet, Jamal said, "Come and see me again tomorrow. I'll
    have another load for you."
    For the rest of the vacation, I saw Jamal at least once sometimes twice a
    day, sucking him off and swallowing a big tasty load.
    I was so horny for his big cock that it was all I could thinking about. I
    jacked off twice sometimes three times a day.
    I got better at it sucking with practice, taking a little more and a little
    more each time down my throat.
    With only a few days left, while I was sucking him, Jamal asked, "Would you
    like to suck a friend of mine?"
    Honestly, I had thought about it but was extremely turned on by the idea.
    Looking up at him with my mouth stuffed with his big black cock, I nodded
    When I got to the bike check-out counter the next day, Jamal wasn't there.
    Instead a guy about ten years younger was manning the counter. When he saw
    me he motioned for me to follow him. In the backroom, he didn't bother with
    introductions, he just pulled down shorts and showed me his huge black
    cock. I don't know exactly how big it was but it had to have been nine-
    inches long. My jaw dropped as I went to my knees. Smiling he just stuck
    the head of his dick in my mouth.
    He put a hand on the back of my head and started pushing his dick further
    in and out of my mouth.  As I knelt there he was pushing harder trying to
    make it go deeper.
    When I started sucking he pulled out and started jacking off.  I didn't
    know what he was doing so I just watched. After a few strokes he stuck it
    back in and I started sucking again.
    The more I sucked the harder he would stuff his dick in my mouth. I was
    turned on but scared too. I was actually trying to do a good job but he
    just wanted me to fit more of his big cock in my mouth. It wasn't happening
    After Jamal's big cock I didn't think I had a gag reflex but for a second I
    felt like throwing up. But he just kept going harder and harder stopping
    every once in a while to jack off.
    Soon he had both hands on the sides of my head and was fucking my face. My
    eyes started to water for some reason and I was gagging.
    I think he stretched my throat because he was going in all the way to his
    balls. I couldn't breath and was basically choking on his cock and he
    didn't care.  It was hurting to be face fucked like that but he didn't seem
    to care.
    When it got really bad he stopped and started to jack off again.
    I was getting my breath back and watching him jack off right in front of my
    face when without any warning he grabbed my head and started shooting hard
    all over my face.
    I counted twelve shots.  I've never seen so much cum before but I was
    pretty pissed. I had cum in my hair, on my clothes and on my face.  He and
    finished with about 4 shots I'm my mouth.
    He was a real asshole.  Without saying a word he walked out.
    I'm covered in his cum and had to take a mini bath in the sink and just
    barely had time to get to my room and get in the shower before my parents
    got back. I hid my cum stained shirt and threw it away the next day.
    Fortunately my parents never and nobody ever found out.
    I think Jamal found out what happened because his friend never came back.
    And that my friends was how i was introduced to and hooked on black cocks.
    When I got back home I started hooking up with a bunch of black guys but it
    wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties before I met my current boyfriend,
    LeRoy. LeRoy is an older black top with a thick ten-inch cock.
    The end...
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    January 30, 2017 11:18 PM CET

    Hmmm, nice story, very hot experience