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    October 30, 2016 3:57 AM CET

    As a french gay guy, named John, I often spent my holidays in Tunisia, a country where men and boys are easily available for sexual games. Especially if you find a man, involved in those activities and ready to give you help. I didn’t stay in Tunis, too much crowdy and with a lot of policemen. I avoided too Djerba, full of tourists. I stayed in middle town such as Gabès or Sfax. I usually stayed in big hotels where a part of the job of bartenders was to easier the contacts with local guys, and assure the security of the encounter, for the customers of the hotel. I also often rent a car or a bike to meet peole in or outside the town.

    One day, riding on my bicycle, along the beach, I stopped nearby a middled age arab guy, 45 maybe, a bit fat. He soon approached me and we began to chat. I was wearing only tiny short pants, and noticed he looked at my fly. We were at some distance of the main beach, with very few people on the sand. I had my hand in my short and managed to have my cock out of my pants, along my thighs. He looked at it and smiled

    «  You often do this in the outside ? »

    «  Yeah, when there is, like here, no people close to me. I like to show to people interested in seeing, and I saw you looking at my fly. Would you like to have a look at my butt ? »

    «  Sure, but how to manage this ? »

    «  Follow me »

    I have noticed some rocks at the end of the beach. We went there, and behind them, unseened by anyone, I laid on my stomach, then slided down my short, having my butt in the air ; he founded it nice, so I told  him he can touch if he whishes. He immediately separate my cheeks to have a good look between my fence.

    « Is it the part of the guys you like the best ? » «  Yeah, indeed »

    I sat on the sand, my swim suit lowered between my thighs. It was late in the afternoon, nobody will disturbe us.

    « I would like to see your cock »

    He sat on the sand, had his thighs wide apart and slightly lift the lower part of his djellaba. Between hairy thighs, I coud see a middle sized cock having an hard on.

    « Would you like to have it in my hole ? »

    He agreeded, stood up, looking around

    « It’s safe, peole are living the beach »

    I spread my thighs, get some lubricant and offered him the show of my finger lubricating my hole, then I rolled over my stomach. He layed on me, and, soon, I felt him inserting his cock. Arab guys often fuck together, between men or men and boys, and know how to manage. He gave me a good fuck, at a slowly but firm rhythm. When he finished, I invited him for dinner. We proceeded to my hotel, not far from here and after leaving my bike in a safe place, we entered the restaurant, where Ahmed, the bartender, welcomed us

    « Hi John, I did’nt know you knew Karim, one of my friend »

    Ahmed knowing Karim, I felt completely secured with Karim, and after the dinner I asked him to fuck me again in my room. He agreeded willingly. We had a shower, soaping ourselves in a naughty way, especially around our sexual parts. Then I bent over, and Karim pushed his hard cock in me again. In the mirror I could see Karim licking his lips, looking quite aroused.Then we layed naked, on my bed

    «  You know Karim, I do love the way you fucked me, and I willingly let you do it again. But besides beeing fucked by you, I also love to fuck boy’s butt. »

    He smiled and told me his little neighbor was a litle vicious guy, about 11, letting himself fucked for little money. He had fucked him many times, from the age of 9, and he knew others guys, in the same street, who also fuck the boy.

    «  I bring you Ali, tomorrow, at the beach, same hour as today, but, before I leave, I need something more »

    And I saw Karim rolling on his stomach, spreading his thighs, offering the sight of a firm, round, hairy, brown butt. I moistered one finger an inserted it in his crack to find his hole quite open. This gave me an instant hard on, and I slided my cock into Karim’s hole. I did the same way as he did with me, slowly but firmly. And when this was over. Karim got his djellaba on , and gave me a large smile, and went back home, reminding me of our appointment with the boy on the beach. I lied a long moment in my bed thinking about his behaviour, especially because he asked me to fuck him.

    Next morning I talked about Karim with Ahmed. Ahmed told me Karim had have a difficult childhood. He became an orphan at the age of 9. He lived at his aunt with very little money. Continuing going to school, at the end of the afternoons he prostitute himself to men to earn some more money during all his adolescence. He stopped when having succeeded his exams, he was recruited in a bank’s office. He was living alone. As many tunisian guys, he played with boys, but in a kindly way, remembering his childhood. He met Ahmed, because he was fond of European tourist, but always asked for guys to be fucked. His childhood explained why he could be easily fucked. But, for Karim, the fact he proposed me to fuck him seemed to show he apreciated me a lot. As the afternoon was hot, I stayed in my bedroom, still thinking about Karim, then proceeded to the beach. Karim and the boy were already there. The young boy gave me a naughty smile. Remebering Karim’s childhood, I proceeded very carefully with the boy inserting very slowly a moistered finger. The boy empaled himself on it. I could easily an and sofly began to move slowly back and forth. The boy showed his appreciation by moaning softly, Karim was watching us in quite a tender way. At the end, I gave the boy more money than he hoped. He smiled, and went away. Karim aproached me to tell me he found I acted in a very cute way with the boy, then invited me for dinner in a genuine small tunisian restaurant.

     Tiny place but good food. The were of course any table covering, in such a simple place, and soon I showed Karim, the two men in front of him, about 50, fondling each other thighs through their djellaba. Then, one of them slided one hand under his pal’s djellaba and began to stroke him slowly, and the other one did the same. Having sexual games quite in public, Karim an I smiled to each other.

    Next afternoon, Karim proposed to go to a sauna, at times « for men only ». We changed first, keeping only a towel around our waist. We walked a bit in the sauna. Most of peole there have their towel in one hand, and, with the other one, caressed quickly a cock or a butt, or even quickly slided one finger in a hole. We did the same. Many guys played with us and we played too with many other guys. Then we went to the massage room. The massage was in reality a quick massage of the shoulder, then the guy went down to the butts, spread the cheeks, then licked the crack. Sometimes, they stop licking, to quickly insert the tip of a finger in the hole, then licked again. And when the hole began to hopen, they insert the entire tongue inside. A delicious feeling.

    Then we moved to a small jacuzzi. Two men were already in here, but, as it was large enough for 4 guys, we joined them. We first supported our shoulders on the edge of the jacuzzi, letting our legs floating at the surface of the water. Soon I felt one Karim’s leg inserting between mines, and one of his feet went rubbing my fence. Then he changed to caress my cock with his foot. My neigborgh, seeing the place free, had his hand under my butt and inserted a finger, while the last one bent over Karim to suck him. Later Karim let himself floating on his belly when one of the others guys insert his head between his thighs to lick his crack. We alternate different sweet games during quite a time, then separated with broad smiles to each other.

    There was still a place to visit : the steam bath. Not many lights inside but enough to see it was crowded by guys fucking or watching the fucks. I remind of 4 guys, leaning on the floor, the first fucked by the second, the third screwing the second, an having himself fingered by another guy. In another place, three guys were seated, side by side, with good hard-on, while another one empaled himself successively on the three guys, then, coming back to the first. Karim surprised me, when I saw him approaching a black man seated with a huge hard-on. Karim empaled himself on the thick black cock. The other guy did’nt move, letting Karim sliding himself up and down the cock. Later Karim told me there were very few blackmen in town. And it was the only place where he could find them. And that, sometimes, he needed a huge cock in his ass.

    Another day Karim drove me to a small oasis near the town. He warned me. It was a place where young boys meet for sexual games between themselves, but not for fucking with men. Nevertheless, they liked a lot having men watching their games. In the first group we founded, a young boy, about 8 or 9, was firmly maintained on the ground by three elders. They were pouring olive oil in his crack, and then massage him there. Then the boy was screwed succesively by the others. He did that quite willingly, showing a great experience of this game. In another place, a guy of about 15, was suspended by his ankles and wrists to a branch of a tree. His hole was positionned low enough, so even young boys could fuck him. He looked to enjoy that a lot, for he often moved his ass to bet empaled deeper. We watched him enduring six screwing, and, when we leaved, three others boys were waiting… On the side of a river, floating in the water we saw a guy fucked in the mouth, while another boy was screwing his butt. Three others guys were stroking on the edge, waiting theit turn…

    He also had me visited, in the suburbs, an old prison, no more used. During the second world war, german soldiers were imprisoned there in single cells. At night, groups of 3 or 4 men entered these cells. Arab men were particularly fond of these round, white, hairless butts. When there were no more place in the prison, some prisoners were sold to caravans, going through Sahara to Black Africa. They stopped in quite big towns, where there were some brothels who buyed the guys. And black men were even more fond of these young white butts than arab guys. The luckiest guys were bought by rich black men to become their personnal sex slave.

    And then came the last evening before my departure. We decide to go to the harbour and to seat on the ground, quiet, in a fresh air, under the stars. They were some boats docked. We saw a man, descending from his boat and coming towards us. I saw Karim jumping on his feets, looking angry. When the man recognized Karim, he soon went back on his boat. Karim told me that guy was an awful bastard. Everyone knows that on a boat, there is always a younger one, and that his main job is to satisfy the sexual needs of the sailors. But these sailors on this boat were particularly brutal, and any young guy on town wanted to go on this boat. So, when they were docked, the sailors played cards, and the loser ( sometimes the captain ) had to submit himself to the others for the whole night. Which meaned beeing fucked by each sailor, at least twice a night … And the night before going fishing, they hanged about the suburbs to find an isolated boy, they forced to get on the boat. And during the week of fishing, the poor boy was regularly fucked by the sailors, most often in public, the others sailors appreciating very much this kind of show.

    And the next day, I had to separate from Karim. I invited him in Paris, but he did’nt want to leave, even for a month his « way of life ». We wrote each other letters, but, time passing by, the letters were less and less frequent. I never went back to meet Karim again. I prefer keeping in my mind the memory of a wonderful month, and also the one of a very honest man.