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Arab Adventure

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    October 30, 2016 4:04 AM CET

    I don't know about you, but I find airports - civil or military - and
    hotels always make me feel as horny as a jack rabbit. I find airports are
    okay for a quick hand job but hotels are always good for something more
    substantial. It does not seem to matter if they are five-star luxury or a
    nil-star dive as it is in hotels that a randy military man has many
    opportunities to meet guys (or gals) from all over the globe who are as
    gagging for it as he is and are looking to hook up with you to relieve
    tensions. The end result of this is that I seem to get an almost permanent
    hard-on wherever I'm staying. On this occasion I was being sent as an
    ancillary to attend a week long international military conference to be
    held in Al Dhobaia, a small friendly place tucked away out of trouble at
    the bottom end of the Gulf. I would be travelling, of course, by military
    transport plane, which itself could also be an interesting experience.
    When I arrived in Al Dhobaia I found my way to the four-star hotel courtesy
    of a government jeep and its rather tasty Arab military driver whose name,
    according to the ID badge pinned just above the breast pocket on his khaki
    shirt, was Sohan. When I eventually got to the hotel, sure enough I found
    the obligatory fit young guy on Reception with his standard disposable
    'come hither' smile that unmistakably read "WELCUM" in large letters. We
    flirted a bit as I checked in. With a flick of his finger, he summoned the
    usual eager bellboy who leapt over to me and hovered over my bags a tad too
    long. Glancing up at my crotch in the process, he caused me to feel a
    momentary tingle you know where. He grinned at me and I swear he invitingly
    wiggled his bum at me. I thought, "Not in the lobby, you horny sod! I do
    have some decorum!"
    Grabbing my key and following the bellboy's bouncing bum towards the
    elevators, my attention was grabbed by two young Arab guys scooting across
    the foyer towards me. They obviously wanted the lift as well so I leant
    over and pushed the 'OPEN' button and held the lift door for them, as a
    neighbourly deed. Giving me broad, friendly smiles one of them said
    something to me, which I took to be a 'Thank You' but as I don't speak
    Arabic (apart from the ubiquitous zhig-zhig that is) and had stupidly
    forgotten to pack a basic English/Arabic phrase book prior to leaving the
    UK, what he said could equally have been something on the lines of "Why
    don't you fucking Brits piss off out of here." However, I was also thinking
    that ogling these two young guys would make the ride more pleasurable. In
    my experience, hotel lifts always seem to travel more slowly than any
    others. We were heading for the eighteenth floor and I speculated that
    there might be a chance to make eye contact or arrange to meet that evening
    for a drink in the bar. I'm always up for it, you know! Some things never
    Utilising the highly polished full length mirrored cladding of the interior
    walls, I decided to check out this deeply tanned and provocative pair. They
    were wearing matching Levis, sandals and torso hugging tank tops. I slowly
    worked my way from their feet, up four muscular legs, until I finally
    surveyed two brazenly audacious butts, the contours of which were
    emphasised by the constriction of their jeans. Ignoring my presence, the
    one on my left reached over and suspended his thumb off his companion's
    back pocket, his hand blatantly cradling a proudly swelling buttock. I
    hoped it was more likely being done for my benefit. For a split second I
    was somewhat astounded until I recalled the briefing we'd been given by an
    IO (Intelligence Officer) before our departure. "One important thing,
    lads," he had said, "you may see two men walking down the street either
    hand in hand or with their arms around each other's waist. This is not an
    overt display of eroticism but a mark of friendship commonly seen all over
    the Middle East." Oh, yeah? Who is kidding whom, may I presume to ask?
    I was beginning to wonder if the display before was intended to convey
    ownership, a non-verbal communication informing me these two were
    together. I preferred to think they were indulging in this blatantly erotic
    display for my benefit. Accordingly, I quickly checked my hair and tugged
    my rising bulge into a more prominent position. Alternatively, of course,
    it could be a non-verbal come-on and this was the version I chose. As the
    lift seemed to be taking forever to reach the eighteenth floor, I decided
    to add something to the growing sexual tension. I stopped leaning on the
    gilded handrail and stood up straight, a move that allowed my crotch to
    approach closer to their titillating rears.
    They did not need second sight to be aware I was close behind them, as my
    breath must have been tickling the back of their necks. I also caught them
    checking me out in the mirrored section of the wall beside us. Retaliating
    with an unsubtle stare of my own, I found it almost impossible to decide
    which one I would prefer, which is an ideal situation to be in when you're
    planning to shag with a couple - which I definitely was - while my
    conscientious self was mentally rearranging my schedule. However, at this
    stage I was not very confident of success. After all, I had seen nothing
    tangible to indicate they would be up for man-to-man fun: one wrong move
    and I could end up with a dagger between my shoulder blades. Arabs can be
    very touchy, you know!
    Having perused the fine specimen to my left, I resumed my scan of this
    tasty twosome and turned my lubricious gaze to the one on my right. Slowly,
    deliberately making it clear I was checking him over like he was a prize
    bull - oops, should that be a prize camel, given my location? - I thought
    he might be the older of the two. His tight arse cheeks were a finger's
    length away from my twitching hand as I stood there. I noticed he had
    slightly longer hair than his friend and that he was the taller of the
    two. They both had broad shoulders tapering into small waists. Their bum
    cheeks - calling to mind four prize coconuts - were tantalisingly squeezed
    into perfectly fitted jeans. Scrutinising their individual contours, I
    scratched an imaginary beard as I chewed on an imaginary stalk of straw and
    pushed an imaginary Stetson to the back of my head. Stuffing my itching
    hands deep into the pockets of my slacks, reminiscent of those old Marlboro
    Man TV ads, I was determined to play the idea to the end and use it to
    indicate I was contemplating which of them I would fuck first.
    With his hand cradling his boyfriend's delightful arse, my gaze followed
    the older one's muscular hairy forearm up to where the sleeves were
    stretched over defined biceps. Triceps also swelled under his tight tank
    top. Having absorbed his framework thus far, my eyes drifted down-wards to
    where his tank top did not quite meet the waistband of his tight jeans,
    clinging to his sweat damp body and leaving a narrow band of naked deeply
    tanned skin above the dark blue denim. Tilting my head slightly to the
    right, I caught a glimpse of a bead of sweat running down his neck before
    it disappeared beneath his top. My lechery was suddenly interrupted by the
    broadly grinning younger boyfriend catching my eye. He had probably been
    watching me in the mirrored wall. I quickly realised my mouth was wide open
    and that I was drooling like a thirsty dog. Swallowing a mouthful of
    saliva, I was about to say something but whatever it was, was cut off by a
    loud DING as we arrived at DIX-HUITIEME ETAGE. Can anyone please tell me
    why most Middle Eastern hotels seem to label everything in French? They
    were the first to leave the lift and I followed them as quickly as I could
    but my heavy bags hampered me somewhat. As the lift doors swished shut
    behind me, I looked to see which way they had gone but was rudely hindered
    by a couple of drunken louts staggering down the corridor. I had lost sight
    of my flirtatious duo but caught a glimpse of a bulky suitcase apparently
    wheeling itself into the room next to the one I had been allocated.
    Scurrying into my room I dumped my heavy bags at the foot of the bed, tore
    smartly over to the wall dividing the two rooms and pressed my ear against
    it. I could hear muffled noises as one of them turned the shower on while
    the other flicked through some TV channels - sport, wailing Arab music,
    then OFF. In the ensuing silence I heard a click followed by the distant
    noise of traffic on the highway below. He must be on the balcony! My
    horniness gave me superman powers and agility as I charged over to my
    French windows, flung them wide open and stepped gracefully out into the
    rapidly fading twilight.
    I met with a blast of warm dry air delicately scented with petrol fumes and
    was momentarily dazzled by the setting sun so that I was unable to see if
    anyone was outside on the next door balcony. When my vision cleared, I saw
    one of my fit buddies leaning over their balcony. He had ditched the jeans
    and top and was clad only in a pair of skimpy thin briefs. Smiling as I
    strained to see more against the glare, trying frantically not to look like
    a sour lemon, I managed (with difficulty) to stop myself from leaping over
    the low glass partition and ravishing him then and there. I could visualise
    myself vaulting into their room and violating him and his boyfriend for a
    few hours. Trusting he could not read my mind but rather hoping he could
    (and liking what he read there) I moved over to speak but he simply smiled,
    said something unintelligible in Arabic and glided back into his room,
    leaving a dick-stiffening whiff of expensive cologne on the evening breeze.
    I just stood there, frozen in time still with my gaping mouth, preserved as
    a perfect example of the untimely come-on. Peering over the glass partition
    I could hear voices so I leant dangerously further out to catch glimpses of
    them moving about their room. They had both stripped down and were wearing
    towels wrapped around their middle regions. Then it hit me: what the fuck
    was I doing, lecherously peering into their room like one of those Peeping
    Toms! I saw myself well into my eighties in cheap dark sunglasses and a
    dirty trench coat, flashing my withered old cock at sexy teens. Suitably
    deflated I let them have their privacy back and returned to my own room.
    Grumbling and muttering to myself, I made my way towards my bed, slowly
    unbuttoning my flimsy cotton shirt. As I slumped down on to the crisp linen
    sheets feeling like a sex doll that had lost all his air, there came a
    rat-a-tat-tat knock on the door. Instantly revivified, I leapt off the bed
    and thrust my open shirt into the front of my low slung cargos, undid the
    button in the waistband, pulled the zipper down just far enough to be
    interesting and skipped lightly over to the door, grabbing my room key in
    the process. I was certain the sexy pair from next door would be there. I
    composed myself and heaved the door open, standing sensuously with the hem
    of my shirt just tickling my pubes, which were teasingly just visible where
    I had unzipped the fly of my cargos (no underpants, of course.) Languidly
    rubbing a hand over my short chest hair, clipped before leaving the UK to
    get a more even tan, I looked at them with every lecherous method of visual
    seduction I had acquired since boyhood. I brushed the hair from my eyes and
    twinkled bashfully.
    "Oh, hi!" I murmured.
    "Salaam - um..." he was clearly trying to think of the right English word,
     I considered he had indubitably chosen the only correct word to fit the
    circumstances! He looked a bit on edge and nervous, glancing up and down
    the corridor. "Come" he repeated more urgently, reaching out for my
    hand. Somewhat flustered, I allowed him to drag me to their room - but do
    not run away with the idea that I was an unwilling captive!
    He pulled the door closed behind me and, still slightly bemused, I smiled
    at the second of my perfect pair. They introduced themselves in somewhat
    clumsy English, blurting out their names and giggling like a couple of
    nervous schoolgirls. I was finding them increasingly appealing:
    unbelievably sexy but rather gauche, which equates to near perfection in my
    book! The one I had marked down as being the older one of the two was
    called Abdullah and his younger companion Nazim. Relieved that there was
    nothing too difficult for me to get my tongue around I concluded that my
    Arabic pronunciation still needed a lot of work. Thinking my name could
    also pose problems for them I gave them a shortened version: Dick. That
    should not be too difficult for this horny pair, I thought. Indeed, when I
    uttered the name, Nazim giggled and tugged at the bulging well filled pouch
    of his skimpy briefs. "Deek," he said, just like a schoolboy who has just
    discovered his first dirty word. It was perfect, the simplest and most
    effective icebreaker to make us laugh and relax.
    Without a lot of muddled verbal communication and with even less ceremony
    Abdullah reached out, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in towards
    Nazim. I leant over clumsily and kissed him then turned back towards
    Abdullah. He, however, was busily stripping off and pushed me back to
    Nazim. I was slightly taken aback and a mite concerned by this brusque
    hitch to my planned seduction. My bewilderment probably lasted ages in my
    head but only a nanosecond in reality as lust immediately regained the
    upper hand. I quickly decided to make everyone happy by giving my attention
    as well as my rampant hard-on to Nazim. I would also keep an eye on
    Abdullah for any hint of a jealous reaction, as I really did not fancy
    finding myself hacked to pieces and scattered across the desert as a snack
    for the local vultures and other birds of prey!
    Redoubling my efforts with Nazim, I reached round and grabbed his arse with
    both hands, pulling him firmly in towards me, crushing the bulging crotch
    of his straining briefs against my groin. Slowly dragging my lips down his
    neck, I chewed gently on his Adam's apple and licked the little hollow just
    below it. With one arm pressing him against me my other hand grasped a
    handful of his closest arse cheek. My fingers found themselves palpitating
    between his buttock and the top of his thigh. I squeezed harder and as his
    breathing speeded up I applied both my hands to his rear, massaging his
    buttocks as if they were lumps of clay about to be thrown on a potter's
    wheel. I continued to assail his bum, my fingers gently prising him
    apart. I had a mental picture of his anus slowly contracting then
    relaxing. Aroused by this erotically appealing image I only faintly heard
    Abdullah another command from where he lay on the bed, directing operations
    as he watched his friend and me. He was reclining on the bed quite
    casually, playing the role of a porn movie director observing the
    performance being acted out in front of him.
    Abdullah barked another command and Nazim tore my flimsy shirt off me. The
    buttons flew across the bedroom and one of my favourite cotton shirts was
    left in tattered ruins, sliding down my arms and finally coming to rest in
    a crumpled heap on the floor. Uncertain if I was taking revenge for my
    shirt or being provoked by this sexual aggression, I retaliated and ripped
    his shirt off. Not stopping there, I spun him round and violently tugged
    his flimsy briefs down to his ankles, thereby swiftly denuding him of their
    flimsy protection. Tossing his underwear towards his boyfriend I admired
    the light brown skin where he had worn Speedos when he was on the beach or
    at the pool. Directing my attention back to the job in hand, I worked my
    tongue and lips upwards, pausing briefly to run my tongue around his
    arsehole. He moaned and leant back towards me as far as he could go when he
    realised what I was doing. OK, boy, if you want it so bad get ready!
    Brutally pushing Nazim over the dressing table, I pressed his stubbly face
    against the mirror in front of us. Spreading his muscular thighs more
    widely with my knees I slapped my twitching leaking cock all over his
    pallid arse, working it along his smooth crevice to leave a glittering
    snail's trail of precum between his cheeks and the small of his
    back. Continuing to slip and slide over Nazim's lower quarters, I felt
    Abdullah sneak something into my hand. Deferring to his unspoken command, I
    looked down, ripped the packet open and sheathed my swollen oozing cock
    with a gossamer fine condom. Under further prompting from our 'director' on
    the bed, I angled my dick against the tense entrance, taut with
    anticipation and glistening from a mixture of my precum and my saliva. My
    cock pressed urgently against his tight arse but I found if I pressed
    lightly I only encountered resistance, telling me there was no way my big
    cock was going to fit inside him. It felt like I was trying to park a
    mobile home into a dog's kennel, or thread a delicate embroidery needle
    with a skein of him, like... ok, forget it, you know what I mean. Pushing
    more determinedly, I caught his gasps of pleasure, which only made me more
    hell-bent on forcing the entire length and breadth of my 25cm of rhythm
    stick inside him, even if I managed to rearrange his insides in the
    He yelled something in Arabic and I guessed he was having a little
    difficulty in accepting my lewd invader. Disregarding my almost
    uncontrollable lustful efforts to ram raid his back passage, I eased off my
    attack and retreated a bit. My cock was deflating because I was rapidly
    developing an irrational fear of injury that, in turn, was creating a
    freakish image of him giving birth to my dick with a nervous midwife in the
    background wielding a pair of sharp scissors. I turned to face Abdullah,
    half apologetic and half pouting, my flaccid semi hard-on swinging in the
    breeze. He got off the bed and came over, spitting saliva into his hand and
    slapping it roughly on Nazim's seemingly impenetrable arse. He then
    forcefully bent Nazim over in front of me, pushed his head down and at the
    same time issued some very curt orders. He then thrust his rock hard cock
    into his boyfriend's seemingly unenthusiastic arse.
    Yelping and flinching, Nazim's whinging was ignored as Abdullah proceeded
    to put him through a barrage of maniacal anal pounding. It reminded me of
    my first time when a master at school took my virginity on the day I left
    that den of iniquity. I could barely sit down for a week after he'd had his
    wicked way with me! Pounding away at Nazim's arse, Abdullah made gestures
    to me to stuff my once again rigid cock into Nazim's gaping mouth, which I
    most eagerly complied with. He had to take several deep breaths as he
    worked to swallow my cock. After a few moments, I leant over and slipped a
    finger inside his hole as Abdullah continued to fuck it hard and fast. When
    he felt my finger penetrating Nazim's entrance, Abdullah realised that I
    might be tad impatient and wanted another go at his boyfriend's
    arsehole. Abdullah withdrew and resumed his porn movie director's position
    again on the bed, pulling and stroking his efficient large cock as he
    tapped my swollen cockhead and pointed towards Nazim's anus. Taking this as
    a sign of approval, I relubed Nazim's hole and made ready to resume my lewd
    Clambering on to the bed, I moved closer to the citadel, hopefully
    undefended and unbolted, ready to meet and greet any invader. I squeezed
    more lube on to my rigid cock and ran some of the stuff up and down Nazim's
    arse crack, concentrating on the outer ring of his anal defences. With my
    sticky lubed fingers I massaged his arse cleavage and focussed my attention
    on easing his hole open. The first solo finger made him inhale a deep
    shuddering breath, the second caused him to groan and twitch slightly. When
    the third joined its companions I forced the profane trio deeper and deeper
    until they disappeared inside him almost to the knuckle; however, not
    wanting to spoil the fun for my faithful ever-ready cock, I took some care
    not to loosen him up too much. By now, Nazim was groaning and moaning, his
    head rocking from side to side and back and forth, his mouth uttering
    unintelligible noises which I took to be the Arabic equivalent of, "Oh,
    yeah! Harder babe, deeper, gimme all ya got, babe! More! More you
    fucker..." and so forth. I got the message and positioned my cockhead
    against the hot entrance to his greasy love tube, removing my fingers
    slowly, one by one as I gradually inched my rampant hard-on into him as
    space became available, until he was taking every one of my 25
    centimetres. This spurred me on to push deeper and thrust harder. As I did
    so, I could feel his taut sphincter slowly conceding supreme victory to me,
    but not before it put up a tense struggle to keep me out, constricting my
    shaft until it was almost asphyxiated. The option of withdrawing did not
    even enter my fevered, lecherous brain. To me, there was only one way to
    resolve this conflict. Hell-bent on achieving victory, I forced more of
    myself inside, fucking faster and firmer. Yet more of my throbbing
    man-shaft found its way into his depths as my penetration rhythm
    quickened. Then I gave him my full length, right to the hilt causing my
    pubes to tickle his cheeks. Abdullah was furiously masturbating, spurred on
    by his boyfriend's obvious delight. I slowly withdrew until about half of
    my length remained buried, continuing to fuck Nazim's hot tight arsehole,
    then pulled out to give Abdullah a turn. He did not stand on ceremony but
    plunged straight in and gave his boyfriend about half a dozen very hard and
    deeply penetrating thrusts, making the lad yell and jerk. Abdullah in turn
    withdrew, grabbed hole of my greasy throbbing hard-on and pointed it to
    Nazim's quivering hole. I re-entered eagerly and felt Abdullah make a
    re-entry as well. "Fucking hell," I thought, "we're gonna give him a
    double-decker! Let's get it on!"
    Nazim gave a moan which signalled to us he was yielding to his
    fate. Abdullah and I increased the power of our fucking. I was nearly blown
    away when I felt Abdullah's majestic Arab cock slide back and forth against
    mine. He pushed himself deeper into his boyfriend's passage as if to test
    Nazim's anal expertise. Seizing Nazim's arse cheeks in both hands, I pulled
    them apart and watched his sphincter straining to encompass both our big
    cocks, a sight that caused me to pound ever harder and deeper. I knew that
    my cock could have gone on doing this for hours without cumming but as we
    continued to work on Nazim's hole I realised he was getting close. I
    withdrew my cock then immediately thrust it back in. Repeatedly retreating
    and invading I soon felt that old familiar tightening of my nuts in their
    bag, warning me I was building up for a mighty climax. As I thrust for the
    eighth or ninth time I felt sperm rising and starting on their jouney up my
    long shaft. From the way Abdullah was thrusting and thrashing I guessed he
    was about to shoot his load as well. Pulling out of Nazim, I grasped my
    heaving shaft and masturbated as fast as I could. Abdullah followed my
    example and we both shot our massive loads simultaneously. Mine landed on
    Nazim's upper back and shoulders. Abdullah's was more directional and
    coated his friend's lower back and the top of his buttocks, where the thick
    creamy sperm started a slow slide down the youth's arse crack and between
    his thighs. Turning himself over, Nazim slurped on both cum drenched cocks
    as he furiously jerked his own dick until he ejaculated a fantastic load of
    hot creamy spunk over my cock and balls and had enough left to do the same
    to Abdullah. As they both collapsed together I smiled at them, grabbed my
    jeans, scrambled into them and scooted out the door back to my own room.
    After taking a long, hot shower I was about to relax on my bed when I
    caught sounds from next door. I thought, "Suffering Jehozaphat! Surely
    Nazim and Abdullah aren't at it again?" Then I heard their room door open
    and close. A third voice mingled with theirs and I heard Abdullah utter the
    name Daud. This was the name on the ID badge worn by the spunky young guy
    on Reception. Immediately aroused by the sounds of the trio at work and by
    the thought that Daud was probably available, I hopped back into the
    shower, lathered up and gave myself a good hard soapy wank, courtesy of the
    complementary bottle of shower gel, before retiring for the night. I
    promised myself I would attempt to see what the beautiful Daud al-Hassan
    could offer before I left Al Dhobaia. Was it possible I could engineer a
    foursome in my room, which was bigger than the one my neighbours were
    I decided I would have a fucking good try - or die in the attempt!
    The next morning was taken up with induction, having my security pass done
    and various other 'administrative' matters pertaining to the
    conference. The last thing I received was a crumpled copy of a message from
    the Conference Centre informing me that I would not be required after these
    essential matters had been attended to as the highest ranking military
    delegates were going into closed session, involving high security and
    exchanging a lot of technical gas-bagging. It therefore followed as day
    follows night that ancillary staff such as myself were not required and
    would not be allowed into the Centre that afternoon.  My hot young driver
    Sohan had been officially selected to look after me during my stay in Al
    Dhobaia as he was equivalent to me in rank and seniority. I had not had
    much opportunity of striking up a conversation with him or with my
    neighbours Abdullah and Nazim in trying to fix up another rendezvous one
    evening. Sohan was the only bright spot as far as I was concerned and I had
    been quite successful in persuading him to open up a bit about life in the
    Arab army.  We were getting quite chatty during the rides to and from the
    Centre and once or twice I had noticed him giving my crotch surreptitious
    glances. I wondered if the two who were staying next door to me had been
    talking to him about our zhig-zhig session the night before, which had got
    him randy so that he was now up for a bit of rumpy-pumpy. If he was it
    would not be too difficult for me to find time to entertain him before I
    left. I had allowed him a glimpse of my semi hard-on tenting my tight
    fitting khaki shorts and he had returned the favour. I judged him to be the
    lucky possessor of a traditionally monstrous Arab prick.
    My stint at the conference would be coming to an end after lunch on the
    third day, but I would not be able to leave until the whole thing was
    wrapped up, when I would travel back to the UK with the rest of the
    delegation. This gave me a whole day and a half to myself and I knew this
    would be the chance I'd been looking for. My lust was working overtime and
    I had decided to abandon any thoughts of a randy quartet or even a quintet
    if I was lucky and settle for what I could manage later that day. When
    Sohan dropped me off at the hotel, before I went in I suggested he show me
    round the city. He smiled and said, "Sure thing, Dick but I won't be able
    to be with you. Daud also has the day off and will show you round. The jeep
    will have to remain in the motor pool but you and Daud can get a jalopy (a
    kind of shared taxi) into the 'Old Town.' I have a friend who lives near
    there in a large apartment, which he calls 'My Harem' and he would love to
    meet you. Have you been to a souk before?"
    "I haven't got the faintest idea what that is, Sohan."
    "Its a large covered market but there are many narrow pathways and stalls
    selling every kind of thing you can imagine as well as street food
    outlets. You can wander about for hours and tourists love the place and buy
    most of their souvenirs there." He chuckled and gently tapped me on my
    buttocks. This is getting interesting, a bit more like it, I thought. I
    liked the idea also of having Daud to ogle at and had to restrain myself
    from kissing Sohan for arranging it!
    When I came down to the hotel lobby a couple of hours or so later, I had
    changed into a white top, pale blue tight fitting jeans and a pair of white
    trainers. Daud was standing outside the hotel, talking to the driver of a
    rather battered looking old jalopy. He heard me approach and turned round,
    instantly ogled my crotch and said, "Hello, sir. Sohan explained to you?" I
    said everything was fine and I was ready to go. He seemed to have
    difficulty in tearing his gaze away from the bulge in the front of my jeans
    and I was getting hotter and hornier. On the way Daud explained to me some
    of the do's and dont's in shopping in a souk and I got the impression that
    I had to watch out for beggars and other ruffians and not to eat the food!
    It did not take us long to reach the part of the Old Town where the souk
    was situated. I had intended to wander through the souk to see if I could
    find any suitable objects I could take back as souvenirs for the family. I
    was about to ask Daud where the tourists went for souvenirs when he stopped
    suddenly, turned round and ran off, leaving me standing for a moment
    thinking, "What the fuck..." and begin running in an attempt to follow him,
    but I soon lost sight of him in the dark maze of winding
    passages. Suddenly, these opened out into a broader street lined on both
    sides with open fronted stalls. I was deafened by the noise of vendors
    yelling out the virtues of the goods on sale at their stall and competing
    against radios at full volume blaring out Arabic music. Crowds of people
    slowly wandered about and I joined them, amazed at what was on offer. I
    eventually came to a stall which seemed to be the equivalent of an open air
    Primark store with racks of menswear hanging from a rail. I paused and
    watched people take down a couple of shirts, examine them intently, then
    put them back on the rail, cough as if disgusted and walk off. A few of the
    younger guys who passed by stopped, looked round somewhat sheepishly as if
    they did not want to be seen, and pushed their way past the hanging shirts
    and went inside. I paused and decided to take a look inside
    myself. Stepping out of the glare from the sun into the dark I was
    momentarily blinded and could hardly see where I was going. There were more
    rows of hanging shirts, but of a much better quality and doubtless more
    expensive than the ones outside. They were protected to some extent from
    the glare of the sun by a white sheet hanging down in front of them.
    Without warning, I found myself being pulled into a kind of changing area
    by handsome young Arab. I made a half-hearted attempt to pull away but the
    young man lifted the front of his robe and made me kneel down in front of
    him. His massive cock was rigidly hard and he ran his cock head along my
    lips. Without further assistance from him I opened my mouth and took his
    cock into my mouth. There was no doubt what he wanted from me when his hand
    reached behind my head and persuaded me to suck him. I took a mouthful of
    his dick and began my favourite oral action, running my mouth up and down
    his staff, encouraging him to begin fucking my face. He made peculiar
    sounds as we worked faster and deeper until he suddenly pulled out of my
    throat and mouth, forced me to bend over a wooden table and pulled my jeans
    down. Using both hands, he rubbed my buttocks and then roughly pulled them
    apart. As he did so, I heard him gasp, "Aaagh, zhig-zhig". Without any
    further messing about, he forced his cock into me and began fucking me
    hard, deep and fast. By now, of course, I had a raging hard-on myself. He
    did not bother with the niceties and fucked me like an animal, grunting and
    rasping all the while. He fucked me so hard I wondered how much longer he
    would go before cumming.
    By now, I was also making noises which seemed to encourage him even more. I
    got carried away and quickly removed my shirt. I was now totally naked and
    he was even hornier, fucking me so hard I could feel his hard balls hitting
    my buttocks. Without warning, he pulled out of my ravaged arse and inserted
    two fingers, which slid into me. He used them to fuck my hole and stretch
    it to let his rampant cock even further in. I squirmed and groaned as he
    was obviously close to his climax. Sure enough, he soon grunted, gasped and
    increased the speed of his thrusts as he ejaculated deep into me. I felt
    each bolt of sperm hit inside my hole. He pulled out of me and I felt the
    last spurts of his cum fall on to my buttocks. He reached out and rubbed
    his sperm over me as if he was giving me a massage. He moved away, leaving
    me stretched over the table. He called out in Arabic and loudly slapped my
    naked arse and stood back. I felt another large, heavy cock knocking at my
    back door. There was no way I could avoid another fucking as the newcomer
    wiped the leaking head of his dick up and down to lube my arsehole. Then he
    pushed his monster into me right up to his balls. Mercifully, he began
    fucking me slowly, using his dick at full length. I could tell this one was
    bigger and thicker than the last one had been. He was panting heavily and I
    was groaning again. He must have been aware that the other guy had fucked
    me hard, as he suddenly pulled out of me and shot his load over my arse and
    lower back. He turned me over and at last I could see him. He was the
    blackest black man I had ever seen. His body was perfectly chiselled and
    his cock was even bigger than I had thought. I grabbed hold of it and even
    after shooting a load over my butt he had remained full hard-on. I could
    not resist taking him into my mouth and down my throat, giving him one of
    my best blowjobs. When I grabbed hold of his ebony balls and played with
    them, he fucked my throat. For the first time I could recall, I never even
    thought of gagging! Neither could I resist taking my cock in hand and
    jerking it off like I had never cum that way before. As I sprayed a
    seemingly endless jet of thick jism, I felt dizzy. I became aware of people
    chattering close by and guessed they might be local customers. I picked up
    my discarded clothes and dressed as quickly as possible, muttered a quiet,
    "Merci bien, m'sieur" and scooted out of that place as quick as I could.
    Hitting the street again, I sauntered on a bit further, intrigued by the
    amount and variety of items on offer at a multitude of outlets. Having
    recovered from my recent experience, I wandered into another stall which
    this time seemed to be another menswear stall, specialising in shirts and
    men's underwear. Looking at the shirts hanging from the rails towards the
    rear of the stall, I was about to have a closer look at a garment which I
    liked the look of. I pulled the hanger next to it to one side and came face
    to face with two guys having a great time! I slid the shirt I had moved
    back into place with a murmured, "Sorry, guys." One was European and the
    other was a dark skinned very young local, the stall holder's under age
    piece on the side, I guessed. I had caught them in the throes of a heavy
    blow job. They were not attempting to be quiet and I judged they were not
    far away from climaxing. I pulled the shirts aside and took up a position
    standing half-way between them, where I could see what was going to
    happen. My cock was pulsating madly, pushing against my jeans, my balls
    tightening in their bag and my arsehole twitching. I could hardly believe
    my luck. The white guy had his back to me (delightful bum!) and was bent
    over, allowing his balls to hang where anyone could see them. The local guy
    was standing facing him, with his hands resting on top of his partner's
    arse and pulling his cheeks apart. I could not quite make out the guy's
    hole as it was quite dark at that spot. Then he moved slightly as his
    cheeks were parted a little more and I could now see his moist arse crack
    and tight anus. I knew I ought to leave them to it, but something made me
    look down at my crotch. I saw my jeans bulging like they never had before -
    and I noticed a spreading damp patch just where my cock slit should
    be. They had moved on and the white guy was taking every centimetre of that
    large dark cock being slowly pushed in and out. I managed to catch a
    glimpse of the lad being fucked. He had rested his head on a pile of soft
    white Y-fronts. His head was turned towards me but I doubt very much if he
    saw me. His mouth was wide open with short breaths and moans of pleasure
    coming from it. "Oh, fuck it!" I thought and pulling the shirts on the rack
    apart again, resume my voyeuristic position. I turned away again, faintly
    embarrassed by my actions but sex is very powerful and I soon resumed my
    ogling. The white guy was now lying on his back with his legs raised and
    apart as far as they would go. The black guy had inserted three long
    fingers into the lad's arse and was finger fucking him as the boy jerked
    himself off, fast and furious.
    I could not help grabbing the bulge in my jeans as I watched. The lad was
    being well and truly rogered by the unhurried thrusts from the rampant dark
    cock. The white lad was pulling on his cock fast enough to make his balls
    bounce. Suddenly, he groaned and his hand slowed as thick white sperm
    jetted forth, landing on his chest, belly and into his pubic hair. When he
    had recovered himself he got up, grabbed his clothes and disappeared. As he
    left the scene I pushed between the hanging shirts and dropped my
    jeans. The dark Arab leapt on to the table where he had just fingered the
    lad to a massive ejaculation. He sat on the cloth covering the table,
    spread his legs wide and invited me to finger fuck his arse. I accepted the
    invitation, of course, and pushed two fingers into his hole and bent
    forward to take his generously proportioned cock deep down my
    throat. Sucking him slowly and moving my other hand close to his hole in a
    stroking movement which I knew meant, "Take your clothes off, boy, and bend
    over that other table, get ready and I'll fuck you as you've never been
    fucked before!" Never having been a slow-coach where sex is concerned, I
    soon got my naked body into the required position. He entered me slowly,
    gently and began fucking my arse. I could feel the heat, the velvety
    blackness and heaviness of his dick as it began pumping into me slightly
    faster with much stronger thrusts. The dark guy gave a subdued groan and
    pulled out of me, ejaculating his sperm over my bum cheeks. Pulling me into
    a standing position, he encouraged me to jerk myself off. He moved in
    behind me, his hands wrapped around my chest and his still rampant cock
    pressing stickily against my arsehole without penetrating me this time. As
    I masturbated my cock, I felt his hands slowly and erotically sliding down
    my torso until they came to rest on my pubic area, his fingers reaching
    down and caressing my balls. My wanking hand moved faster and faster until
    I let out a shout as I shot my sperm as far as I could. Reluctantly, I
    dressed again and left the rail of hanging shirts.
    I decided to retrace my steps back to the first stall I had gone into. I
    was curious to see what lay further on in that direction. At first, very
    little seemed to change and I went into the first stall that appealed to
    me. This time, I seemed to have found a stall owner anxious to win the
    local competition for the busiest, loudest and most money making owner in
    the souk. He just could not stop gabbling at me in Arabic and conducted me
    to a kind of special gift section of his stall. He evidently dealt in
    decorative copper and brass wares, as well as some pieces of ceramics. I
    know nothing about that kind of thing but I just could not make him
    understand. He continued jabbering away and showed me some of what I took
    to be his top of the range. The final thing was when he produced a kilt
    like garment apparently made from raw silk, or something like it. It was of
    an attractive aquamarine colour. He held it up for me to inspect and then
    held it against his waist, allowing it to fall to its full length. He began
    showing me how versatile it was, the first inkling I had that all was not
    as innocent as he was making out. He was talking all the time, obviously to
    try and confuse or distract me, pulling the skirt into all kinds of
    positions, both in front and behind. As he took to shaping it over my bum,
    he took the opportunity to feel me up by squeezing my buttocks once or
    twice. To my surprise he handed the garment to me, took me behind a thin
    curtain and invited me to try it on. I thought, "Why not? I'm under no
    obligation to buy the fucking thing." So I took off my jeans to try it on
    and, of course, silly old me had forgotten I was "going Commando" that day,
    with the result that as I bent over to take off my jeans, anyone behind me
    would get an eyeful of a well shaped nude arse. I was not aware that the
    loquacious stall owner was eyeing me through a narrow parting of the flimsy
    I stepped into the 'kilt' and found the soft silkiness of the material did
    something weird to my dick. I had no sooner pulled it up to my waist than I
    had a full hard-on pushing out the front panel of the garment. He was
    fussing around, trying to make it fit. His hands seemed to be everywhere,
    particularly groping my stiff dick or feeling my arse. He soon changed his
    tactics and slid the skirt down my legs, letting it end up on the floor. He
    pushed me towards a small table and made me bend over it, exposing my arse
    to his lascivious gaze and to being manhandled by his lecherous
    hands. Without a word he pulled out his magnificent rigid dick and plunged
    straight into my arse. He was by far the biggest one of the men who had
    given me a taste of how hard Arabs can fuck. As I stroked my rigid dick, he
    began fucking me really hard and fast, making me groan and almost yell with
    the pain I was enjoying. He pulled out of me and leant back on a kind of
    divan, pulling my head down until I could suck him. He began fucking my
    mouth with strong thrusts. My arse was struck by hi hand very strongly,
    causing me to shout with the pain, but this only encouraged him to continue
    spanking me harder and harder the more I sucked on his rod. He threw me on
    to my back, spread my legs as far as they would go and fucked me fast and
    deep. I could feel his thrusts forcing my hole to expand further and
    further to take his monstrous dick. He indicated he wanted me to get up and
    sit on his cock and fuck myself with it. I simply could not stop wanking my
    throbbing dick and I soon felt the cum rising up my shaft until it burst
    out through his wide open cock slit. I was so taken up by my own pleasure
    that I only realised he had simultaneously shot a load right up my
    arse. When he had finished, he pulled out and forced me to lick his sperm
    from his cock head and also lick up the traces of cum from his thighs,
    which had dribbled from my hole when he had finished with me.
    I did not purchase that strange garment nor did I linger in that
    place. When I came out into the open air again, I was amazed to find it was
    close to dinner time. I decided I would find my way back to the hotel and
    some food before taking a shower and having a good night's recuperative
    sleep. I was sauntering back towards where I had first entered the souk
    when I heard a familiar voice calling my name. I looked round and saw Daud
    coming towards me, smiling broadly. "Hi, sir. Have an interesting time in
    our souk?" I nodded slowly, wondering how on earth he'd known where I would
    be and seemingly knowing what I had been up to. He did not seem to be at
    all sorry for having run off earlier, leaving me to face whatever. I told
    him I wanted to go back to the hotel and get some food inside me, a shower
    and then a quiet evening in my room. He offered to accompany me and so we
    walked together until we found a cruising jalopy, which took us back to the
    hotel. As Daud was known, of course, the fare was the absolute minimum and
    I gave the driver an extra 'baksheesh'. "Oh, sir," exclaimed Daud, "that
    will be all over the place by the morning and you will be well remembered
    When we got back to the hotel, Daud asked me before I went in if I was
    working the next day. I told him I would be on full conference duty and
    there would be little or no time for any hanky-panky but the day after I
    would have the entire day off. The day after that, I would be going back to
    the UK with the rest of the delegation. He reminded me of his friend's
    invitation to visit his 'harem' and I replied I would consider that to be a
    great honour and would be most interested in it. I asked him if it was
    still an active harem as I understood they were officially banned and had
    been for a long time. Daud grinned and said, "We call it his harem, but
    there are no women there. Only men." With that, he laughed, shouted out the
    word "zhig-zhig", jumped back into the old jalopy and roared away towards
    the Old City.
    Whilst I was having a leisurely breakfast the following morning, Daud came
    over to my table accompanied by another fine young man I had not seen
    around before. He was slightly older than Daud, who introduced him as
    Khalid and said, "He's my half-brother and we do everything together. He
    said he wanted to meet you Dick. I hope you don't mind my taking the
    liberty?" I looked into the young man's liquid brown eyes and smiled. "I'm
    delighted to meet you, Khalid. Daud has probably told you how well we are
    getting on. He is going to give me directions to his friend's 'harem'."
    Khalid gave a quiet chuckle and said, in perfect English with no trace of
    an accent, "You wanna go there? Has he told you what to expect?" I shook my
    head and said, "Not yet." Both of them laughed and Daud clapped his hand on
    my shoulder, then they left. I had had no inkling that Daud had a relative
    who also worked at the hotel and wondered if this might be some kind of
    set-up. I was unexpectedly having another day off and had hoped that Daud
    would be able to show me his friend's mysterious 'harem' which was not a
    'harem,' apparently. I gathered from the clues Daud had given me that it
    must be some kind of very private, men only hamam. Hamams are a kind of
    communal bath house found all over the Near and Middle East and were
    evidently very private establishments decidedly for men only. Promising, or
    what? I wondered.
    After another quick shower I left the hotel, following the instructions I
    had been given by Daud. I soon found the building and his description of it
    was quite accurate. Its size was impressive and it was situated in a
    quieter and much more affluent part of town. The building comprised a large
    central area one story in height and two smaller wings, which I presumed
    housed changing rooms and other areas. There was a kind of roofed portico
    supported by four columns and a shallow flight of stone steps either side
    of the platform beneath the portico and the main entrance. The huge wooden
    doors were open so I quickly went in and found myself facing a long passage
    flanked by a number of closed doors. Off to the right was a kind of
    concierge's desk and behind it sat an old man who rattled a small copper
    dish with a few coins in it at me as I went in. Daud had warned me that I
    would have to give the door-keeper a few small coins and in return he would
    give me a white towel, which I must keep with me at all times. I could not
    see anything resembling a locker in which to put my clothes but I was not
    unduly concerned as I had only worn a flimsy cotton shirt, thin shorts and
    a pair of deck shoes but no socks. Neither had I bothered with underwear,
    thankfully. The old man leered at me and blatantly stared at my dick and
    licked his lips as if he would like to get a taste.
    At the end of the main corridor was another open door, much smaller than
    those at the entrance, and for the first time I could hear the faint splash
    of running water and felt the humidity cause me to break out in a thin film
    of perspiration. I nervously went through the door into a room which was
    obviously one of the bathing rooms and stripped off, carrying my clothes in
    one hand, the other trying - unsuccessfully - to cover my exposure. It was
    a fair sized room illuminated by lattice windows glazed with some kind of
    opaque material instead of glass. To my amazement and delight I saw two
    handsome, naked young Arabs stretched out on massive wide stone ledges
    beneath the lattice windows. They were both sensuously playing with
    themselves and smiled at me as I stood there. Obviously, I could not hide
    my condition any longer as my cock had taken it upon itself to seductively
    slowly rise and harden. I looked around for somewhere to put my clothes and
    finally laid them on the floor under the overhang of the window ledge. I
    made no attempt to hide my glory and the two young men tantalizingly
    stroked their magnificent cocks. I gave them a profile view of my right
    hand slowly and sensuously stroking my solid length and I could see the
    lust rising in their eyes. I bent over making out I was tidying the pile of
    my clothes and made sure I gave the lads a full on view of my arse and that
    my balls were hanging down between my parted legs so they could see them as
    well. I took the white towel I had been given on entering, folded it down
    and wrapped it around my waist in such a manner that left all my equipment
    in full view. I strolled nonchalantly over to the ledge on which the first
    guy was still stretched out playing with himself and stood shamelessly in
    front of him with my rampant leaking dick beginning to drip pre-cum. He
    smiled as I knelt down, moved both my hands to the inside of his thighs and
    gently reached down and tickled his tightly packed balls. He made a slight
    move to bring his cock closer, put a hand on my collarbone and indicated he
    would enjoy a blow job. I bent forward, took him into my drooling mouth and
    willingly obliged. It had not gone unnoticed by me that his young companion
    was watching us and tugging harder on his alluringly erect cock so I made
    sure he got a full eyeful of my arse as I feasted on Arabian dick.
    It was now becoming clear that we were coming under close scrutiny from
    more guys, all of whom were visibly horny, stroking and pulling on their
    dicks as they watched me give head to the first guy. It was about this
    stage that I caught a glimpse of another European young guy resting on
    another ledge. He had raised his legs and spread them apart as far as he
    could. He was deliberately pulling his arse cheeks apart to reveal his
    glistening arsehole to anyone who might be interested - I doubt anyone in
    that chamber was uninterested! One of the Arabs stood up, came over to the
    youngster and started to stroke an arse cheek. He soon followed this by
    spreading his fingers to gently massage the boy's anal ring. Moving in even
    closer, the Arab used both hands to widen the angle of access to the young
    ring-piece. Inevitably, everyone was now caught up in the lusty atmosphere
    and were changing to full on masturbation rhythms as the Arab's bulky cock
    was closing in on the white lad's arsehole. It did not take long before the
    probing, visibly pulsating Arab cock made contact with the white boy's
    anus. The Arab used the clear fluid leaking from his cock slit to lube up
    the arse on offer then entered the boy. Beginning with slow but full
    thrusts, he soon increased the tempo and went as deep as he could, fucking
    the white lad as hard as he could. When another large Arab dick appeared,
    he pulled out and indicated to the newcomer to take over. I thought, "Fuck!
    This is developing into an orgy!"
    A hoarse groan broke the spell and when I looked round I saw that another
    couple had started on each other, one of them taking a full throatful of
    cock while putting three fingers up his friend's arse. Two more men were
    sat on a ledge manhandling each other. I was rapidly becoming lost in
    another world as I let my mouth massage my guy's wonderful rampant
    cock. All the activities around me were rapidly becoming more and more
    frantic and it was obvious that all of us wanted desperately to fire heavy
    loads - but not just yet! Oh, no! We wanted it to last as long as possible,
    at least until the next millennium! At that moment, I spotted Daud having
    his arse well and truly fucked by a large dark skinned cock. "So," I
    thought, "he is up for it!" I knew instantly that an orgy back at the hotel
    before my departure was well on! The guy fucking Daud suddenly turned round
    and my heart gave an excited leap as I almost collapsed on the spot. Daud
    was being fucked by his own half-brother, Khalid. Bring it on,
    guys. Tonight.
    Now it was my turn to be done. I lost count of the number of pairs of hands
    which were all over my arse, fingers entering my hole, hands tugging and
    stroking my balls, my nipples being pinched, squeezed and nibbled. It
    happened without warning. The most massive dick in that hamam aggressively
    entered my arse, without ceremony or consideration. It was simply rammed up
    me as far as it would go, stopped just long enough for me to get used to
    it, then I was steam hammered. As this was going on, another hand was
    yanking and crushing my balls. Yelling and roaring I was not immediately
    aware that the steam hammering had almost come to a stop. As I became aware
    of the change in tempo and rhythm, I could feel something going on between
    my legs. Then it all began again. This time, however, it was slow and it
    hit me like a thunder bolt. I was being simultaneously well and truly
    fucked by two large cocks rammed up my arse! Every other guy in the place
    was standing round the three of us, watching and pulling on their
    cocks. More cocks found their way into willing mouths and throats, some
    battering their rough way into tight arseholes, accompanied by grunts,
    groans and slurping noises.
    When the two invading cocks eventually pulled out of my ravaged hole,
    another guy came over, wanking furiously and pushed into me without any
    preliminaries. This one must have been the Arabian equivalent of a teenage
    call-boy as he knew what to do and, more unusually, where and how to do
    it. I was being fucked harder than I had ever been before in my life but
    after a short burst of ferocious activity, the guy pulled out with a few
    loud groans, jerking himself off as if he was about to shoot his load, then
    pushed back into me. I felt his heated rigid cock pounding my internal
    passage. He gave an even louder yell, his body tensed and then he let it
    go. I felt every single scalding drop of his semen as he fired salvo after
    salvo up my arse, until he finally stopped and pulled out of me to make
    room for someone else. I could feel some of his semen leaking out of my
    ravaged arse and a tongue lapping it up! The "someone else" did not waste
    any time and as I stood up, another large, hot and throbbing cock slid
    effortlessly into my sperm-lubed hole as I grabbed hold of my own cock and
    began jerking it off hard and fast as if I had never been to boarding
    school or in the military! I hadn't given it more than three or four
    strokes before my hand was pulled off it and wrapped around another Arab
    dick. The owner of the dick took hold of my manly pride and took charge of
    wanking duties. But that was not the end of things as another young horny
    guy reached over and began playing with my erect nipples. This was almost
    too much and I could not stop sweating, groaning and grunting. With no
    warning, one of the Arabs gave a short shout of "Aaargh!" and fired off his
    cannon, his sperm flying everywhere. That was the signal for all the
    rampant cocks to let go. One of the handsomest guys had been lying face up
    on the floor so he took several full loads of sperm in his face. In no time
    at all, he had the appearance of wearing a white, Phantom of the Opera type
    of mask! Of course I added my quota to the mess and as the other guys
    quickly disappeared, I cleaned up a bit, scrambled into my clothes and went
    off to see if I could find Daud again. Little did I know just how close he
    I saw him leave the hamam rather hurriedly so I ran after him. I caught
    another glimpse of him running across the small square in front of the
    building and go down a narrow street running off to the left. I managed to
    follow him, calling out as I ran, "Daud! Hey, Daud! It's me and I want to
    speak to you!" Eventually, I ran into the area where I had lost him when he
    had disappeared into the souk. Then I saw him emerge from a large building
    which looked as if it was an apartment block. "Hey, man! Wait for me! I've
    got a proposition for you." At first, he did not seem to be too happy being
    seen with me but as we walked on further down the street and away from the
    souk he relaxed a bit. We turned off the main street and passed through a
    blue door and down some steps into an area which had the appearance of
    being some kind of outdoor café. He led the way to a low wall, where
    he sat down in the shade of a large tree. I joined him and, to my surprise,
    looked out over a lovely peaceful view of a stretch of the distant
    As we sat there, I explained my idea of having a 'party' on my last evening
    in my room at the hotel. We'd have the two guys, Abdullah and Nazim, in the
    room next to mine. Sohan my Army driver and Daud together with Khalid and,
    of course, myself. As we sat under the tree, he could not help looking at
    my slowly swelling crotch. He gave me a sexy grin and said he had seen what
    I had been up to in the hamam with some of his 'friends'. I was well aware
    that I had been quietly stroking the bulge in my shorts and that Daud had
    been gently fondling my thigh. Neither of us were aware we were being
    observed by a waiter serving coffee to people sitting further away. I was
    not aware, however, that somehow Daud's arm was around my shoulders and his
    free hand was playing with his own balls. Leaning closer into me, he spoke
    very quietly when he suggested we go down to the beach where he knew many
    quiet inlets where two men could indulge in nude sunbathing and swimming
    We found a well hidden inlet and stripped off and ran laughing into the
    sea, like a couple of school kids just let out of lessons. During our swim,
    I felt him squeeze and fondle my buttocks and finally he gave me a soft,
    lingering kiss which caused me to get an instant erection. I instantly
    responded and felt our two wide awake cocks rubbing against each other,
    anxious for some cock to cock fun. We rolled and splashed in the soft warm
    water, taking or giving the occasional kiss until Daud suggested we go and
    lie on some rocks to let the sun dry us off. We both stretched out on the
    smoothest rocks we could find and I made no secret of the fact that I was
    admiring and lusting after his beautiful cock. I could not resist leaning
    over and taking it into my mouth. Slowly and lovingly I treated him to a
    prolonged session of sucking and licking his shaft and his cock head. He
    lay back, his lips barely parted and gave himself over to the pleasures of
    the flesh. Eventually, we ended up sitting on the rocks displaying our
    stiffies until we decided to go back to where we had left our clothes. We
    rubbed the loose sand from our bodies with our tops.We finally pulled over
    our heads and made our way back to the large building which I had taken to
    be an apartment block. I was to quickly discover this was where Daud and
    Khalid lived. We went through the open door into a shady courtyard. Daud
    called out something in Arabic, which he later translated for me as
    "telling the gate-keeper he and a friend were going to do some schoolwork
    in Daud's room." School work?
    Now, for the first time, I was in a private apartment and it must be
    expensive to run. I wanted to ask Daud about it but he had already stripped
    and was reclining on his back with everything on full uninterrupted
    display. We played with each other, not really wanting to climax at this
    stage, simply enjoying each other's bodies. Somehow, we found ourselves in
    a classic '69' position and took each other's cock deep down our
    throats. This was almost too much and I swung over on to my stomach,
    raising myself in the air and pulling my arse cheeks apart to reveal my
    gently pulsating anus. Without hesitation, Daud came up behind me, lubed
    his heavy rigid cock with spittle and entered me gently, pushing all the
    way until I felt his pubic hair tickling the underside of my buttocks and
    his heavy balls swing against my thighs. He proceeded to fuck me deep and
    hard. We were both breathing hard and the impetus of Daud's incursions grew
    stronger and went deeper. I was being carried away on a wave of sexual
    debauchery and Daud could have performed any lewd act on me without my
    protesting. Looking up at Daud's face as he plunged ever deeper into me, I
    could see he was also being carried away by the freedom of his licentious
    debased acts. Our breathing was becoming harsher and louder when suddenly
    the door opened and Khalid stood there entirely naked, with the most
    impressive erection I had yet seen in Al Dhobaia.
    Without a word being said, he walked straight over to where Daud and I were
    waiting for him to speak. He simply began masturbating, waiting for us to
    continue. I could not resist any longer and gave in to the most depraved
    behaviour, pulling hard and fast on my dick and urging it to dump its load
    as soon as it could and as fast as it could. Daud said something to Khalid
    in Arabic but I knew my climax could not be far off and my hand was just a
    blur as I felt my sperm rushing up my rod. My arse was still fully
    available and Khalid drove his solid weapon straight into me, joining up
    with Daud and making me gasp and groan noisily and to make the strangest
    noises as my climax got closer and closer. Suddenly, it happened just as I
    turned over on to my back. Thick white sperm shot forth all over my belly
    and into my pubic hair. Daud was still buried in me and as I came I felt
    his scalding spunk striking the interior of my rectal passage.
    When the three of us had recovered ourselves and each taken a shower, we
    went down to the beach again to enjoy the fragrantly scented cool evening
    breeze. We made plans to get our night at the hotel together and it was
    decided I would work on Sohan, Abdullah and Nazim while Daud and Khalid
    would offer ideas and do any donkey work. It looked as if my visit to Al
    Dhobaia was going to end with a bang-bang-bang!

    The next day and a half were taken up with my ancillary duties at the
    Conference venue. These were mainly concerned with coordinating the
    collection, sorting and packing of documents into boxes for the flight to
    London, ensuring they were firmly secured and then filling in the
    obligatory forms for Customs. This meant, of course, the only time I saw
    either of my neighbours Nazim and Abdullah or Daud and his half-brother
    Khalid was early in the morning or very late at night when I returned from
    the Conference Centre. It meant I had very few opportunities of engaging
    them in conversation - or more physical activities - and endeavouring to
    fix up another rendezvous one evening. The only bright spot was Sohan, the
    hot young military driver who drove me to and from the hotel each day. As
    he was equivalent to me in rank and seniority, he had been officially
    selected to be my driver during my stay in Al Dhobaia. We had become quite
    chatty during the rides to and from the Centre. Once or twice I had noticed
    him giving my crotch surreptitious glances. I thought to myself that if he
    was up for a bit of rumpy-pumpy, I'd find time to 'entertain' him before I
    left. I had allowed him a glimpse of my solid hard cock tenting my tight
    fitting khaki shorts. He had returned the favour and I judged him to be the
    lucky possessor of a traditionally large Arab prick.
    My stint at the conference would be coming to an end after lunch on the
    last day but I would not be able to leave until the whole thing was wound
    up, the sealed boxes safely on board the RAF plane and I would travel back
    to the UK with the rest of the delegation. I calculated this would give me
    a whole day and a half to myself and I knew this was the chance I had been
    looking for. My lust was working overtime and I was finding it difficult to
    hide an almost perpetual hard-on. I had abandoned any thoughts of arranging
    a randy quintet in favour of setting up a horny sextet. I was certain Sohan
    would be up for it, but I would have to make certain Daud and Khalid would
    be off duty, available and willing. As for the persistently horny pair next
    door, they were still in residence and judging by the noises I heard coming
    through th