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An Arab in St Louis

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    October 30, 2016 4:07 AM CET
    I was very lucky to organize my drive back east on such a tight budget, and
    still able to stay in nice hotels. This particular night, I was in
    St. Louis, and have just checked into a nice Hampton Inn. Unfortunately, it
    looked as if it was going to be a slow night in town. The receptionist at
    the hotel was not very helpful about recommending any night spots. I took
    the hotel shuttle to the downtown area anyway, and spent a few hours
    walking around. However, at 10pm, as the last shuttle was going back to the
    hotel, I realized there was nothing else to do, and I was soon back in
    hotel lobby.
    I knew there was a pool, so I asked the receptionist if it was still open.
    He said it officially closed at 10, but I could still go there for a while,
    as nobody was going to check on it for a while. Happy to hear this, I ran
    to my room, put my swimsuit on, and went back out.
    There was also a hot tub, and I stepped in there first. The air was cool,
    so this felt really good. After about 15 minutes in the hot water, I
    stepped over and jumped into the cool pool. I really enjoyed my swim, and
    as I turned around for another lap, I noticed a person exiting the hotel. I
    assumed it was an employee coming to kick me out, so I swam quickly to get
    another lap in. At the other end of the pool, I looked up and smiled, ready
    to graciously accept the chastising.
    However, the guy walking over was not a hotel clerk, just a very nice
    looking, middle aged, middle-eastern man. He came over and spoke:
    -The pool looks great, is the water warm? (spoken with a slight accent)
    -Yes, it feels really good, but the pool's officially closed,
    -Hey, you are not American either, where are you from?
    -Really, I was just there about a month ago for a business conference...
    -I myself I have not been home in about 5 yrs.
    -How about we go to the bar and get a drink, we can chat about my trip over
    -Tell you what, I am gonna go get dressed, and you go get us some drinks,
    and we'll meet back here and sit by the pool, how's that?
    -Sounds great, see you in a minute. By the way, I am Khalil, but everybody
    calls me Kyle.
    -Nice to meet you Khalil, I am Alex.
    Ten minutes later, I was back dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and Khalil
    was waiting at the same spot, no drinks in sight.
    -The bar is closed, I guess we can't get drinks.
    -That's OK, let's just sit and chat.
    -I have some whisky in my room, if you wanna come over.
    -Sure, why not.
    Once in his room, I went over to the window and sat in an armchair. Khalil
    went to the bathroom and brought back a bottle of whiskey and two glasses,
    handed me one half full, and plopped himself on the bed. We chatted for a
    while, getting buzzed at the same time... Suddenly:
    -So Alex, I am gonna be pretty forward here. When I met you by the pool, I
    was on my way to my car to drive downtown to find someone to fuck. So, if
    you don't wanna get fucked tonight, tell me, so I can go get someone else.
    -I like getting fucked, Khalil.
    -I thought you might. Good, I have about four to five loads in me...come
    over here.
    I got on the bed, and he immediately straddled me across my chest. He then
    took his shirt off, and exposed a very strong dark chest, covered in hair,
    with two large nipples. He then place his hands underneath my shirt and
    started tugging and working my nipples.
    -You a bottom, Alex?
    -Yes...(I was already moaning from slight pain and pleasure)
    -You like getting fucked, right?
    -Yes I do...
    -Good, I thought you might...I am glad I found you.
    He stood up and turned away from me, and then removed his pants and briefs.
    His ass was round and hairy. He walked to the bathroom, and soon returned
    with a box of Magnums and a large container of KY. His large dick was
    hanging half way down his thigh. It was thick and darker then the rest of
    his body. I looked at it admiringly and in sweet anticipation.
    -I know, it's pretty large, but you'll get used to it. By the fourth time I
    come into your ass you won't feel pain it any more. What else do you like
    to do?
    -Normal bottom things: suck dick, do what my top wants, a little bit of
    rough play...
    -Nice, this will be fun. But, just so you know, I don't get into you
    sucking my dick. I am a total top, so what I do is skull fuck. Let's get
    you into a skull-fucking position now.
    He pulled me sideways on the bed and let my head hang down from the
    side. Then he opened my mouth wide down and straddled my head. He pushed
    his dick into my throat in one swift motion, which immediately caused his
    balls to plug up my nostrils. He stayed there for a while, and I could not
    breathe, so eventually I had to push him upward with my hands.
    -I know, you can`t breathe. But I gotta do this for a while to open your
    throat, Once I start fucking, you can synchronize your breathing against my
    He then grabbed me hands into his and held me down, while his dick again
    went down my throat. Eventually he started moving it in and out, so I could
    catch breaths. In between my breaths his ball sack would close up my
    nostrils, and I soon got used to and enjoyed this interesting way of
    breathing coordination.
    After going at this for a while, he got up, his dick now draining with my
    saliva, and he got on top of the bed. He pulled me, placed my head in
    between his legs, and shoved his dick up my mouth. He bobbed my head up and
    down, while grunting, and thoroughly enjoying this wild picture of using me
    as his blow up doll. Eventually he also stretched his other hand to my ass,
    and explored the tightness of my hole. I could feel a various number of
    fingers trying to open it up, and hear his comments on how long it would
    take to stretch it out. I enjoyed this, at the same time thinking that no
    number of fingers can match the thickness of his erect cock plowing my
    throat at the moment. This lasted for a while, when finally his cock
    stiffened further, and he asked:
    -You a swallower?
    I shook my head no, and he seemed to react OK to that. He pulled me off his
    cock, held my head with one hand, and rubbed his dick wildly with the other
    right in front of my nose. Finally, his whole body jerked, and my face was
    soon covered in his thick and gooey cum. He finally plopped my head back on
    his crotch, and we lay there in silence, breathing heavily.
    -There you go, load number one. The other four you are taking through the
    other hole. Good job, by the way, you did not gag as much as I though you
    would. Now, get on all four and wait...
    I did, and he got up and went to the bathroom. From there he yelled for me
    to stay as I am, and I heard him take a shower. He finally came back, with
    his dick downsized and dark, and looked at me with content. He was happy I
    was waiting for him obediently as he left me.
    -That looks very good, I'll make sure the rest of the night is really fun
    for you...
    Then, he spanked my ass really hard. I yelped, but was happy this happened,
    and was awaiting more. I did not have to wait long. He came up behind me,
    started grinding his dick into my ass, and kept slapping it in increasing
    intervals. He was getting riled up, I could feel his dick getting extremely
    hard again, and he said:
    -Time to plow.
    He slapped me hard once again, and then took the KY and generously rubbed
    my hole with it. I then heard him open the Magnum and stretch it over his
    dick, and then apply KY to it too. He bent over me, grabbed my nipples from
    behind, and said:
    -Lead it in.
    I swung my arm around, and led the tip of this massive tool to my entry
    point. I was trembling a little, and he could feel it. He stopped twisting
    my nipples, and instead caressed them softly.
    -No worries, I am a good fuck. I know how to do this. Just put it in
    center, and let me do the fucking, you'll love it. OK, now, just relax and
    trust Khalil...
    I centered the tip of his dick, and tried to relax. He pushed in with great
    strength, I cried in pain, and realized he had gone all the way in at
    once. I second ago I was pain free, and now I had a 10 inch pole ripping my
    insides. Tears welled up in my eyes.
    -Don't worry, trust me. This is the best way to get a cock of this size
    in. Just let it sit there and relax, and in a moment it will feel
    He kept his chest stuck to my back and was still gently caressing my own
    chest and nipples. We just stood there stuck to each other connected by his
    enormous dick, and finally he just started gently rocking back in
    forth. His dick was not moving inside me, rather, both our bodies gently
    moved together.
    -OK, I am gonna start now, I think you're ready.
    He took more KY from the bed, and poured it generously on the base of cock,
    where it was buried inside me. He started pulling it out a little, and that
    felt very good on my side. By the time he pushed it back in, he was already
    hitting all the right spots inside me. I moaned in pleasure, and he knew I
    loved it.
    -Good, that's better, let's get you down on the bed.
    He opened my legs using his legs and moved my arms, so we both plopped on
    top of the bed. I did not know this would be possible, but this motion
    shoved his dick even deeper inside, which shot a wonderful feeling of
    pleasure all through my body. I was now trembling with enjoyment. I already
    knew I was having the best fuck of my life so far.
    -Khalil, this is awesome, fuck me, fuck me hard...
    -I knew you'd be a good bottom. Don't worry, you'll get a lot of this
    tonight, plus I have lots more in store for you.
    I was still feeling some pain at the entry point, but the exquisite
    massaging of the prostate took over. He fucked me slowly, taking time to
    slide all the way in and out, while gently pressing on my back and still
    working my nipples. The pace quickened up soon enough though, and he
    started switching from long and slow strokes, to short and hard ones. These
    seem to get him off, and soon he was panting and breathing heavily. I
    thought he might get done soon, so I was surprised when he pulled out and
    turned me over.
    -Wassup, I thought you were about to come?
    -Not yet, we have a long night ahead of us. I wanna fuck you now face to
    He turned me around, lifted my legs and went back in, again in one swift
    motion. He had more leverage this way, so his moves quickened. He was
    pushing us both gradually towards the top of the bed, and eventually my
    head started hitting the headboard. He immediately pulled us both down, but
    very soon, we had the same problem again. He pulled out, turned on his
    back, and asked me to sit on his dick facing the same way he was facing. I
    wasn't quite sure how to do this, as this was my first experience of that
    kind, but he soon helped me get perched on top of him, and in one quick
    motion impaled me again on his dick. I thought this might give me more
    control of the pace, but I was wrong. He held me firmly in place by my
    thighs, and jerked his hips up and down so that I bounced up and down like
    a rag doll on top of him. He very obviously enjoyed this position the most,
    as his dick stiffened to the consistency of cement, and the pace of the
    pounding reached a feverish pitch. Eventually I knew he was either going to
    pull out, or let his dick explode inside me. This is indeed what
    happened. He became very vocal, and I felt the tip of the condom inside me
    expand. He held me firmly in place while he grunted and yelped in
    pleasure. He squirted at least 8-9 times, each one accompanied by a loud was probably the loudest and longest orgasm I ever
    witnessed. Finally he pulled me off his dick, put me to his side, and
    breathed heavily for a few minutes with his eyes closed. Then he said:
    -Pull that condom off me and go wash up if you want.
    I did need to wash up so I went to the bathroom, threw the condom in the
    trash, and let the water run. I felt satisfied, but also a little bit
    used. I guess my buzz wore off, and I wasn't sure I was doing the right
    thing. These feelings never came over me before, and I finally realized I
    might be feeling this because I hadn't orgasmed yet. I decided not to worry
    about this, and went into the shower to wash up.
    As I left the shower, Khalil was leaning on the sink waiting for me. He
    pulled me close to him so that our cocks were resting next to each other.
    -You OK? Did you have fun? I don't think you came at all, did you?
    -No, but that's OK, I had great fun. You are a great fuck and your orgasms
    are very exciting to watch...
    -Well, as I am sure you can feel by my dick, you're gonna get fucked again
    very soon. We'll make sure you get your little thing worked out
    too. Actually, come over here...
    He turned me around and made me face the sink and the mirror. Then he bent
    me over and started running his growing cock all over my back and back
    side, and then, as it grew, sliding it into my ass crack. He occasionally
    replaced it with his fingers, which he used to explore my hole a little
    bit. Finally he said:
    -Looks like you're open for the night, no need for any more lube. You
    He suddenly opened my ass cheeks, and the next thing I knew that wonderful
    throbbing cock was inside me once again. I finally realized he was
    barebacking me, but the feeling was so good that I just moaned and decided
    not to speak up. It was as if his dick in my ass paralyzed my speech
    -I am fucking you raw, and you're not saying anything. I am gonna take that
    as agreement. It's time to get some Khalil to stay with you...
    He grabbed my dick and started stroking it slowly. Then he pulled it to the
    edge of the sink, and started running warm water.  Finally he squirted some
    soap into his hand and started massaging my dick with his soapy hand. The
    feeling of this was simply wonderful, especially since he was fucking me
    slowly throughout.
    -I am gonna gauge this one so we do it together.
    He soon established this rhythm of squeezing my dick as he was pulling his
    own out of me, and this worked wonders for me. I realized I was getting
    close, and would not be able to hold it. As soon as I thought this, I
    filled his hand with my cum.
    -Wow, gee, already? I guess I better get there too...or maybe I will fuck
    your mouth again.
    He turned me around, and pushed me to my knees by my shoulders. He ran his
    soapy hand across his dick a few times, and then shoved it into my
    mouth. He decided that this time he was gonna explore different corners of
    my mouth, and he played with his dick inside it, sideways, down the throat,
    across my face and nose, and finally down the throat again. Finally he held
    the back of my head, kept me close to his crotch, and just jerked his cock
    around my throat. It grew and stiffened, and I knew what was coming, and I
    also knew I would not have the option of not swallowing this time unless he
    released my head. A series of streams of hot jizz soon slid down my throat,
    and I gulped them all. He talked (or rather grunted) through this:
    -You said you weren't a swallower, but this is about what I want after
    all. That's why I am called a total top, and you a bitch bottom. So feed on
    it and learn to love it, you'll get more tonight.
    He finally pulled it out, and sent me off to the bedroom. I heard him wash
    off and pee. I guess I was grateful his man-jizz was all I had to
    swallow. I sat on the bed and he soon reappeared. We looked at each other
    for a few seconds.
    -Don't let my tough talk scare you. I am glad you're here, and hope you're
    having fun. Let's chill out a little.
    -What do you mean chill out?
    -Just get on the bed, chat, maybe take a nap if you fell like it.
    -If you wanna sleep, you can kick me out.
    -Oh no, we are not done yet, I still got a few loads in me you're
    getting. Now that we are on bareback terms, I wanna make sure you leave
    with some of my buddies up your ass.
    He got on the bed and pulled me close to him. His warm presence was very
    appreciated, and his hairy chest was like a nice soft pillow. He mostly
    kept quiet, so I decided to ask questions. I learned he lived in Denver,
    was married with two kids, but has been fucking around with boys ever since
    he was a kid. He called it just a way of life, and he had many friends who
    did it. While talking he kept touching both of our cocks, and I actually
    fell asleep listening to him talk and enjoying his touch. I got woken up
    -Roll over, I am horny!
    The next thing I knew was that his huge cock was heading up to my prostate
    again. It felt great, and its nakedness and slickness felt really good
    going in from the doggie position, which he placed me into. Soon enough
    though, he pushed me onto the bed, and fucked me hard and fast. My ass
    offered no resistance any more, it was welcoming this occupant as it really
    belonged there. His hands were working my nipples pretty hard again, and
    the going was getting rougher by the minute. This time it did not seem he
    was gonna be slowing down and buying time, he just plowed right through and
    onward, panting and swearing. He would occasionally pause and spank me,
    then plow right on. It took a long time for me to feel that by now familiar
    extra hardening, which signified the upcoming surge of his hot
    liquid. Finally the spurts started, again at least 7-8 of them, followed by
    verbal praise. When he finally calmed down, he said I should probably stand
    up and let all that jizz leak out of me. I went to the bathroom, came back
    and got back into bed, knowing that there was another session coming.
    However, Khalil seemed to be asleep. I stayed around for a few minutes, and
    then got up again to leave.
    -Where are you going?
    -I thought I'd leave, since you seem to be wanting to sleep.
    -I think I do, but why don't you stay, we'll do another fuck in the
    morning...? I promised you five...
    I got back into bed and, sure enough, the plowing started again bright and


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    January 30, 2017 11:46 PM CET

    Wow, very hot story, couldn't even finish reading it without cumming in the middle. What a dream scenario, would love to experience a fuck session like that. Thanks.