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Samir, a dutch straight moroccan

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    February 1, 2017 12:16 AM CET

    A true story.

    I knew Samir from a Dutch sex dating site. I had an advertisement in which I presented myself as a gay bottom looking for a cock to suck or one to fuck me. After having emailed each other a few times, we finally agreed on a date to meet. He would book a room in a hotel. I was going to pick him up on the way and together we would go to the hotel.

    Finally it was Tuesday, I had prepared myself at home, showered, rinsed my ass and made sure I was clean. It was a half hour drive, approximately, I arrived exactly in time. A stocky Mediterranean type, labourer, black leather jack and short black hair. He walked up to the car and asked if I was Ioannes, which I confirmed and he got in.

    He took a look at me and gave me a hand. He called himself Samir and showed me the way to the hotel. The hotel was in a park and we drove onto the parking place. Samir asked me to wait for a minute, he was going to arrange the room. It was very busy on the parking place, cars had just arrived and a lot of young man in sports outfit got out of them. A few minutes later Samir came back and said that the hotel was booked full. Now what to do? Samir knew something else. He asked me to drive to another place. He said we could do it outside, he knew a quiet spot.

    A few minutes later we drove onto a quiet parking place at the border of a park. We got out of the car. Samir immediately put his hand on my buttocks and led me to the quiet spot in the park. We stepped through the green grass and arrived at some bushes through which led a path. Behind the bushes was a bench on a ditch. But it was secluded enough and very inconspicuously.

    Samir stepped behind me and caressed my buttocks with his hand. After that he shoved his hand in my pants and tried to feel my ass hole. “You’re very nice”, he said, “look at me, I’ve got an enormous hard on from you”. In his jeans a big bulge appeared, there was something that needed to be freed. Ho yeah, let me see what you have in your pants, I said. He unbuttoned his pants and a thick strong dick jumped straight ahead. On top was a big cut dickhead. With his hands still on my buttocks and that thick dick in front of me I got very horny. Samir went to sit on the bench and asked me to kneel between his legs and to suck him. I was so horny, I attacked that delicious dickhead right away. “Not that wild”, he said, “slowly, be careful, you are to wild”. I stopped for a moment and licked his balls, and ran my tong along his dick back up to his dickhead, which I took in my mouth again and started to suck on it. I swirled my tong around his dickhead, massaged it with my tong underneath and started to suck it nicely. “No, not that wild”, Samir said again, “slow down, you are going to fast like that”.

    He had me to stand up and turn me around, my back towards him. “Hmm”, he sighed content about the shape of my ass, and continued to caress my buttocks. Then he asked me to unbutton my pants and he helped me pushing my pants down. He then pulled my underpants down and with his fingers he pulled my ass cheeks apart. He examined my ass good and was very pleased with what he saw. “You’ve got a real hot ass”, he said and asked me to bend my knees and to lower myself on him, so I would touch his hard dick with my ass cheeks. He then put his dick in my anal cleft and made me go up and down rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks.

    Samir groaned. “Stand up, get on your knees over there and bend over”. He took out a plastic back and put it on the grass so I could kneel on it. Ass up, head down. He came sitting behind me and put on a condom. He pulled down my pants and underpants a bit more, so he had a full view on my round white ass which contrasted with my black underpants. He held on to my ass and came forward, placed his hard dick against my hole and tried to push it in. It hurt. He tried to penetrate again with another hard push. I cried out from pain, what scared him, we were outside. It started to rain very lightly. I didn’t mind, it was nice to be outside bend over on my knees for a horny guy. Samir reached again for the lube and lubricated his dick more thoroughly, and applied the rest of the lube in my hole. Again he placed his hard dick against my hole, and asked me to move myself backwards with my ass, so I could control the penetration. That went a whole lot easier, and I felt how his thick dickhead pressed itself inside my tight hole and after that how the whole dick slid inside. His dick was very thick, and Samir started to push gently. He caressed my ass with his hands, and later he held my belly. I heard him groaning, as was I, both lost in trance.

    Then all of a sudden Samir heard noices, and asked me to be quiet. His dick was still in me. Again he started to fuck me gently, held my hips, then slid his arms under me and held my belly again. He was just fully fucking me when again he stopped moving, and pulled out his dick. He had me stand up and made a sign to me to be quiet.

    I saw and heard nothing, evidently they had already passed us. But Samir found it to restless and went to sit on the bench. “Quick”, he whispered, “suck me to an orgasm. But when I shoot in your mouth, you have to show me, I want to see you swallowing my seed”. I promised to do so and on my knees between his legs I started to suck him nicely. I heard Samir sighing, his belly went up and down and I felt his dickhead getting bigger. “It comes, keep it in your mouth, remember!”, he whispered. I felt precum oozing out and suddenly he pressed his hands on my head and shot his seed into my mouth. With my lips around his dick and my tong under his dickhead I felt the seed flow out. I opened my mouth to show him my mouthful of seed. Samir looked very satisfied. “Okay, you can swallow it now, bitch”, he said. And that I did.

    We pulled up our pants, took our belongings and walked back to the car. I brought him back to where I had picked him up. In the car he told me he had been here before with his girlfriend, but they broke up. He was just horny and needed to get his nuts of. I did all right in relieving him of his sexual pressure and for the time being I would replace her. He would call me when he was horny again next time.