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Questions about fifa Requirements for Mobile terminal

  • January 9, 2018 12:10 PM CET

    Questions about fifa Requirements for Mobile terminal

    Looks like the site requires some program called detection to check your specs. I'm not downloading it so I can't help you on why the site said you can't run those games, because with those specs you absolutely can. So ignore that shit

    and just get the games you wan't. You'll have no problems running any modern game, unless the game is un-optimized for Buy FIFA Mobile Coins in which case your specs don't matter.

    Yeah you can run it.

    If it runs slow, turn down any draw distance settings first. You won't miss them so much and it makes a difference.

    And if you're comfortable, you can do some quick research and then edit the  file and customize it to a higher degree than the in FIFA Mobile Coins for Sale settings allow