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Trip to Saudi Arabia

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    October 4, 2018 6:46 PM CEST

    Hello:  I am going to Saudi Arabia Riyhad next month and want to meet straight saudis.  I a 40 years old but look 36.  I am white and very masculine.  Any advise on how to meet locals and how to get approached would be appreciated. I visited Bahrain last year and I did not have any Saudis approach me except 2 or 3.  Any advice?

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    October 15, 2018 1:26 PM CEST

    Hey Mike,

    Sorry haven't been to KSA before, let us know how it goes.

    I will return to Algiers for a couple days this week, I will report back.

    How was Bahrain? Please do a quick write-up here or in a new post :D 


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    October 16, 2018 7:12 PM CEST

    Bahrain is ok. You can meet straight Saudis in bars. I stayed at Gulf Gate Hotel and Delemon. It helps if your gay acting. I am not. I am very straight acting and masculine. I did meet men but it took some work.  I am going to Dubai and back to Bahrain.  I can not get visa for Saudi.  Unless you recommend another arab country to visit




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    May 12, 2019 2:56 PM CEST

    How did it go?