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My colleague Rashid

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    October 30, 2018 12:55 AM CET

    Will I ever see him again? Shall I succeed in seducing him? Will he allow me to suck him and will he fuck my ass? How will this story end, will he cum and shoot his sperm deep in my ass?

    But no, I start my story, o rather history, since it truly happened.

    After a long period of silence, I had given up hope he remembered who I was, Rashid, my excolleague from my last job, suddenly reacted on my whatsapp message about the football team of Morocco. He had sent me a line about the unfortunate luck of the national team. The following day, while I was waiting for the train, he sended me a little video about naked cyclers. At my turn to answer I sended him a little line.

     A day later, he just simply said ‘hello’. I returned the greet. Suddenly came an unexpected remark: he had a desire to pinch my ass.

    That was a strange remark, which I did not know how to interpret. So I simply sort of jokingly answered that he could do that. Seemingly he liked the answer, because next he asked me for a photo of my ass. I happened to have one and sent it to him, which he appreciated very much and which he commented with what nice round ass cheeks I have. I felt flattered and started to get aroused a bit. His next remark was that he would want to slide his penis between my ass cheeks. That I found quite innocent and answered that he could do that as well. I really enjoyed myself about it. As a thank-you he forwarded me a photo of his dick. To my suprise it seemed very big. It looked nice and atractive, even a few pubic hairs where visible. For an instant I doubted if it was a photo of a porn actor from the internet. It looked very horny anyway. I did not know that in reality it was even bigger than I could imagine it to be. We aggreed on a date and stopped our messages for today.

    The day of our meeting I showered myself, shaved my ass cheeks, put on some cologne. It was full summer, so I decided to put on some easy clothing. By car I went to his house. I parked the car and rang his doorbell. Smilingly he put his head out of the window above, and cheerfully saluted me, and said he was going to open the garden door for me, since he lost the key of his front door. I went to the gate of his garden behind the house, he opened the gate and saluted me happy and hugged me friendly. We went inside his house.

     I had been there before, long time ago in the winter, when it froze and seemed like it froze inside the house too. Then I only stayed very short, because of the cold, but also because I had to deliver some books to a bookshop. Now the temperature was very hot and this time I came especially for him.

     As soon as I stepped from the garden into the kitchen, and thus we were not visible for the neighbours, he put his hand on my ass, as if to direct me into the livingroom, made a gesture to his sofa and invited me to sit down. If I wanted to drink something, coffee or tea, he asked me. Before I could answer, he said he would make both, that would be no trouble to him. I simply sat there, being happy to be with him, with in mind the sexual promis of the visit.

     After having prepared the tea and coffee, he sat down on the sofa besides me, and asked me if I was allright and what kind of work I did. Not wanting to be to eager for sex, I answered and quietly drank my coffeee, and later my tea. Fortunately, Rashid was also horny, he proposed to go upstairs, to his bedroom. I stood up, he stood up, and Rashid went before me on the stairs, I followed him.

     His bedroom was small, a bed just fitted in with a little desk against the wall. We sat one next to the other on the bed and he started up his computer. He went to look for erotic sites and asked me if I was horny. He wanted to see my dick. I lowered my pants and underpants and Rashid took a bottel of oil from which he shook a few drops on my dick. I started to masturbate my slippery dick, and suddenly Rashid took it in his hands and continued the masturbation. I wanted to see his dick, but he hesitated. I had to beg him to show it to me, then he pulled on the elastic of his pants. I saw his brown fat circumcized penis, non-erect. Quickly he let the elastic band slip from his fingers and hid his dick again. Now he asked me to stand in from of him and to show him my ass. I stood up with my pants and underpants still down. My ass was nude. I felt how he stroked and touched my ass cheeks. Suddenly he stoods up behind me and held me by my hips. He pressed his groin against my ass. He had an erection now, I could feel it through the texture of his pants. A little unhandy he shoved his pants and underpants down, his hard penis hit my ass cheeks.

     Impetuosly Rashid rubbed his dick against me and layed it in the crack of my ass. He applied oil on his dick, and oiled my buttocks, his hand massaged the part between my balls and ass hole. I held my legs together when he slid his dick between my thighs. Everything felt very warm, Rashid moaned softly in my ears. He fucked me intercrurally for a few minutes. The he told me to lay down on his bed, on my belly. He dropped some more oil on my buttocks and massaged them, and then again down there, between my thighs. He lay himself on top of me, his hard pole between my thighs. The he put it back between my ass cheeks again and started to slide it up and down. Sometimes his dick tried to escape my ass crack, in his upgoing thrust the head of his dick got stuck a little in my ass hole and thus penetrating me slightly before it went on sliding between my ass cheeks. Rashid’s full weight lay on me, while he held his hands under my chest. He moaned louder now. Then suddenly I felt a warm fluid on my back and I felt drops running down along my ass crack. Rashid came.

     Before I had the chance to see his dick, he had already pulled up pants to hide his dick. Rashid gave me a towel and suggested I take a shower. I had only just dressed myself when his sister knocked on the door. Quickly we said goodbye before he pushed me out through the other door, Rashid promissed me to contact me soon, which he did indeed…

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