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Egypt, this really happened past decembre 2018

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    April 14, 2019 3:46 PM CEST

    A friend of mine wrote this experience down:

    True story last decembre 2018.

    During Christmas I had gone to Hurghada for a 10 day diving course. Every day after my breakfast at 7 o’clock a.m. I walked to the bay to take the boat to the Red Sea to go diving.

    So also this Saturday before christmas, around 12 ‘o clock we got back in the resort. Since it was cloudy that morning, I decided to take a walk in the city and to have a look at the marina and the fish market. After walking 6 kilometers I found the marina and the fish market. While I walked inside a boy sat on the pavement begging, he held his hand out to me, and said “bakshees” (tip in arabic). I looked at him, and answered in English that he needs to do sometimes to get that, and pointed towards my groin. He did not what I meant, so I made a blow job gesture. He blushed and stood up, took my hand and took me onto the marina.

    Arriving at the back a few boats where stacked up on the land. Once between the boats, he squatted down and pulled my shorts down. He looked a bit surprised because of the foreskin. I signed that he should pull it back which he did. But because he touched it, it started to grow immediately and within no time it was all hard. I gently pushed my dick against his lips, upon which he opened his mouth and took it in his mouth. I told him to put his lips around the dick head and to move his mouth slowly up and down.

    Well, he did a great job, whilst I was looking down on his young fresh face I got more and more excited and felt I could not hold it very much longer. After about 5 minutes I felt an orgasm coming up and started to push harder into his mouth. He looked up with a not understanding expression on his face, then my dick got fatter and I shot warm seed into his mouth. I held his head tight and shot 6 shots of thick seed into his mouth and told him to swallow it. He had a lot of trouble to get it all away, I saw him gagging but he held everything perfectly inside.

    When I had put my dick back into my shorts, I gave him a kiss on his mouth, and thanked him for this lovely joy and put 10 euros in his hand.

    I’ll be back in april, so who knows…

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