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Egypt sex stories?

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    January 22, 2015 1:20 PM CET

    Anyone have any hot sex stories that happened in Egypt? 

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    January 22, 2015 5:45 PM CET

    This happened to me in Cairo but it was quite a long time ago. 

    At that time the sauna in the Nile Hilton hotel had quite a lot of activity.


    It happened several years ago before the present restrictive climate 
    for gays in Egypt and in fact about the time of the terrorist attack 
    on the bus outside the Egyptian Museum.
    At the time I was on a business trip but had decided to stay over for 
    a few days afterwards hoping that something exciting would happen.
    Apart from an encounter with a waiter in the Sheraton hotel where I 
    was staying and a grope from a guard in the museum nothing much had 
    happened until I went into the netcafe in the basement of the Nile 
    Hilton to check my e mail. as I still had a few minutes left until my 
    payment run out and the place was quite empty I checked out a gay 
    Suddenly a voice from behind me said hello .
    I looked round and saw it was a beautiful man about 30 , not too 
    tall, tanned complexion smiling at me. He asked if i was gay and I 
    said yes. we talked a little as my time on the computer run out and he 
    asked if I would like to meet later. I agreed and he offered me a lift 
    to my hotel.In the traffic jam as we crossed the nile I could see 
    that he was stroking whatseemed quite a large cock as he saw me 
    looking he took my hand and pressed it hard against it and asked if i 
    liked it. He dropped me off at the hotel and arranged to meet me 
    later that evening. I had invited him to my room but he said there 
    would be too many problems with security.
    In the evening he called and we went to his apartment. He explained 
    that he was a doctor who had trained in USA and liked older Caucasian 
    men preferably chubby types. 
    We taked over a cup of coffee and he suddenly kissed my lips biting 
    them and nibbling them. He started to squeeze my nipples hard and 
    took my hand placing it on his erection.I could feel his hand 
    gripping my ass.By now he had removed my shirt and trousers and I had 
    done the same for him. He guided me to his bed pushing my head 
    towards his dick. It must have been about 9 inches and it was 
    difficult to take it all in my mouth he pushed my head towards his 
    balls and i licked them and licked the length of his cock.He pulled 
    me to my knees and penetrated me , it hurt really badly at first but 
    as I relaxed it began to feel good. He fucked me slowly at first then 
    harder and faster until I felt it explode indside me.
    We talked for a while and he asked if I wanted to stay the night as 
    it was late and after a shower I fell asleep. I woke up later to feel 
    myself being pulled to my knees and to feel his fingers in my ass 
    followed by his hot dick.He was really hot and hard as he fucked me 
    long and deep.This time there was no foreplay just pure lust. 
    I did not get much sleep that night as he repeated this five times 
    and every night for the rest of my stay.

    If there are any Arab men in edinburgh I would love to hear from them

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    May 10, 2015 1:53 AM CEST
    Just heard that the Nile Hilton (closed since 2009 for renovations) is reopening this year as the Ritz. Wonder what the sauna will be like.
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    June 26, 2016 11:17 AM CEST

    был в прошлом году в Египте познакомился с  водителем автобуса) он бесплатно возил меня по их достопримечательностям)а вечером приходил  ко мне в номер и  мы занимались сексом )