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Iranian in Glasgow

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    February 4, 2015 5:55 PM CET

    There are still a few Arabs and Iranians in Glasgow and some of them who like older men go to the

    underground bar in John Street. They usually go alone and are very discrete. 


    A few years ago I was working temporarily in Glasgow and living in a 
    small hotel outside the city together with some colleagues from work. 
    I had decided to visit some of the gay bars in the city that evening 
    to get away from my colleagues whose main idea of pleasure seemed to 
    be to see who could consume most alcohol.
    The evening was quiet and there was not much to interest me in the 
    bars so I decided to head back to my hotel and on my way to the 
    station stopped off at the toilets in St Vincent street for a pee. 
    The place had a reputation as a gay cruising area and was quite busy 
    but I was quite late for my train and did not have time to explore 
    the possibilities.I did notice a man with middle Eastern looks in his 
    late twenties looking at me.
    I left the toilet and as I went into Central station I noticed that 
    he was beside me and he started to talk saying that he had seen me 
    and where I was going. He asked if I was married and when I said no 
    he asked if I was gay. I said that I was but that tonight I had to 
    catch the last train for Greenock.
    He asked if he could come to my place and I explained that I could 
    not take them there because I was in a hotel with colleauges from 
    work. He suggested that he would five me a lift anyway so that I did 
    not need to get the train. He explained that he was from Iran but 
    studying chemical Engineering in Scotland.
    When we got into his car he drove quickly away from the city centre 
    and as we got on to the motorway he grabbed my hand and put it on his 
    cock which was very hard . He opened up his trowsers so that I could 
    see it and touch, It was about 7 inches, very straight and 
    circumcised with a large head.It felt really hot. I started to stroke 
    it and he drove off the motorway on to a lay by and stopped there
    He pushed my head down and started fo fuck my mouth slowly at 
    first then harder and harder. Suddenly he pushed myhead away and 
    covered his cock, as I looked up I realised that what we thought was 
    a lay by was in fact a bus stop and there was a bus alongside us with 
    people looking down at us.He hurriedly drove away and stopped in a 
    side road. He pushed my head down and I sucked him again but almost 
    immediately he exploded and filled my mouth with cum.
    He dropped me off at my hotel but suggested we meet again at the 
    weekend when his flatmate would be away.
    On Friday evening he picked me up at my hotel and drove towards the 
    city. He pulled my hand on to his cock and asked 'you take this for 
    me tonight'. He was really hard as soon as i touched and I stroked it 
    until we got to his flat. As soon as we got into his flat he pulled 
    me towards him and kissed me tongue deep inside and biting my lips. 
    He pushed my hand towards his cock which was throbbing hard and 
    guided me to the bedroom undressing me on the way. He pushed me on to 
    the bed face down while undressing himself and spat in my ass. He 
    rubbed his dick around and penetrated me roughly. He started to fuck 
    me but shouted as he climaxed almost immediately filling me with his 
    cum. We cleaned each other and moved back to the bed. we held 
    each other and talked for a while but his cock had stayed hard and 
    soon he directed my mouth to work on it again. It was soon throbbing 
    hot again and this time he placed me on my side with one leg in the 
    air and penetrated me again. This time he lasted for about 20 minutes 
    of rough fucking before he filled me once again. 
    This time he fell asleep afterwards holding me tight. Later I woke up 
    to find myself being pulled to my knees and penetrated again.
    We spent the full weekend together and many other weekends until i 
    had to leave Glasgow.

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    June 2, 2015 4:23 AM CEST

    Nice story, thanks!